On October 30 I wrote a “Remain calm about Stupak” post, based in large part on communications with Kristen Day, president of Democrats for Life. Kristen is in direct contact with Democrat pro-life legislators and their offices.
Turns out Kristen was right about MI Congressman Bart Stupak, as we now know.
ben nelson smiling, abortion, healthcare, democrats for life, kristen day.jpgKristen has sent another email, this one about NE Sen. Ben Nelson, the Senate go-to guy to keep abortion out of socialized healthcare. I admit it doesn’t take much for me to lose faith in politicians professing to be pro-life. There aren’t many I 100% believe in, such as Congressman Chris Smith.
But Kristen says to keep the faith with Nelson, while encouraging us to nudge PA Senator Bob Casey

Dear pro-life Friends,
Senator Nelson has been a strong leader on our behalf. Now is not the time to make assumptions without checking with the Senator directly. I have been assured that he has not changed his opinion and has not gone back on anything he has said. Senator Nelson has taken a very hard line with the Caucus and they are trying hard to appease him because they need his vote.
I assure you that the Senator has not backed down from his commitment, and I urge all comments directed to his office be words of appreciation and support rather than words of suspect and conjecture.

Bob Casey, healthcare, Kristen Day, Democrats for Life.png

If we are going to spend time contacting a office, I think we should spend our energy on Senator Casey. If he would join Senator Nelson, we would be in a stronger position. Also, we will have bigger problems if Senators Snowe and Collins support the bill. Nelson’s position against cloture won’t matter.
Again, Senator Nelson has not changed his position. Please issue only words of support and encouragement. Senator Casey needs to change his position. Please contact him and urge him to follow Senator Nelson’s lead.

Kristen doesn’t issue warnings about Democrat pro-life legislators unless she knows something serious. Apparently Kristen believes Casey has, is, or will bail on a pro-life amendment to the Senate healthcare bill.