stop stupak logo.jpgAs I reported yesterday, pro-aborts had been promoting their Stop Stupak Rally for weeks, and in the end it was a bust.
In a Feminists for Choice blog post entitled, “Abortion on the line – A time for rage, not for lobbying!,” hardcore pro-abort Sunsara Taylor vented…

For a few days it looked like this Coalition to Pass Health Care Reform and Stop Stupak! was going to have at least some form of public, outdoor rally against Stupak in DC on Wednesday. Indeed, I arranged my travel schedule to be there. But, in the end, they couldn’t even bring themselves to do that. Instead, all their activities were entirely indoors and focused on lobbying….

The problem is not that there are no pro-choice people who would flood into the streets to protest….
The real problem is that for decades the energies of the pro-choice majority have been consistently squandered, suffocated and channeled into dead-ends by pro-choice “leaders” who long ago slavishly subordinated themselves to the Democratic Party. The real problem is that, because of this, 2 generations have grown into a world where it is far more common to hear a passionate defense of the so-called “rights” and “dignity” of frozen embryos than it is to hear an unapologetic defense of the right and dignity of women being able to decide for themselves when and whether to have children.
The real problem is that for 2 decades the lunatic Christian fascists have consistently and unapologetically mobilized out in the streets and on the airwaves while the pro-choice “movement” has remained largely passive and straitjacketed in the Democratic Party’s dynamic of capitulation.

I totally disagree that there are plenty of pro-aborts to “flood into the streets.” Pro-abort leadership knows there is not. Were there plenty of pro-aborts to “flood into the streets,” they would have held their rally in the streets.
When a Planned Parenthood rep told The Hill they expected 500, I laughed at the ridiculously low threshold. Last night PP CEO Cecile Richards boasted the turnout was 1,000, while CBS News reported “more than 500,” so yeah, it was probably 500 – and how many were paid staff?
St. Michael Society infiltrated the event and got video and photos.

Here was the size of the main event’s room ( reported there was an overflow room), in a photo taken by St. Michael Society 20 minutes before it started…
stop stupak rally small room.jpg
Sum of Change Productions posted pictures on Flickr (bottom photo via SoC), and you’ll notice there are no photos of the crowd.
I go to so much trouble to detail yesterday’s crowd size to encourage you that this once again demonstrates there is no real public advocacy for abortion. Americans considering themselves “pro-choice” are mostly torn on the issue, supporting it out of misplaced concern for women. The other side is a paper tiger. Its strength comes from the money it throws at buyable politicians, like IL Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, below.
stop stupak rally 3, abortion, healthcare, jan.png

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