Stop Stupak Rally a bust

stop stupak logo.jpgAs I reported yesterday, pro-aborts had been promoting their Stop Stupak Rally for weeks, and in the end it was a bust.
In a Feminists for Choice blog post entitled, “Abortion on the line – A time for rage, not for lobbying!,” hardcore pro-abort Sunsara Taylor vented…

For a few days it looked like this Coalition to Pass Health Care Reform and Stop Stupak! was going to have at least some form of public, outdoor rally against Stupak in DC on Wednesday. Indeed, I arranged my travel schedule to be there. But, in the end, they couldn’t even bring themselves to do that. Instead, all their activities were entirely indoors and focused on lobbying….

The problem is not that there are no pro-choice people who would flood into the streets to protest….
The real problem is that for decades the energies of the pro-choice majority have been consistently squandered, suffocated and channeled into dead-ends by pro-choice “leaders” who long ago slavishly subordinated themselves to the Democratic Party. The real problem is that, because of this, 2 generations have grown into a world where it is far more common to hear a passionate defense of the so-called “rights” and “dignity” of frozen embryos than it is to hear an unapologetic defense of the right and dignity of women being able to decide for themselves when and whether to have children.
The real problem is that for 2 decades the lunatic Christian fascists have consistently and unapologetically mobilized out in the streets and on the airwaves while the pro-choice “movement” has remained largely passive and straitjacketed in the Democratic Party’s dynamic of capitulation.

I totally disagree that there are plenty of pro-aborts to “flood into the streets.” Pro-abort leadership knows there is not. Were there plenty of pro-aborts to “flood into the streets,” they would have held their rally in the streets.
When a Planned Parenthood rep told The Hill they expected 500, I laughed at the ridiculously low threshold. Last night PP CEO Cecile Richards boasted the turnout was 1,000, while CBS News reported “more than 500,” so yeah, it was probably 500 – and how many were paid staff?
St. Michael Society infiltrated the event and got video and photos.

Here was the size of the main event’s room ( reported there was an overflow room), in a photo taken by St. Michael Society 20 minutes before it started…
stop stupak rally small room.jpg
Sum of Change Productions posted pictures on Flickr (bottom photo via SoC), and you’ll notice there are no photos of the crowd.
I go to so much trouble to detail yesterday’s crowd size to encourage you that this once again demonstrates there is no real public advocacy for abortion. Americans considering themselves “pro-choice” are mostly torn on the issue, supporting it out of misplaced concern for women. The other side is a paper tiger. Its strength comes from the money it throws at buyable politicians, like IL Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, below.
stop stupak rally 3, abortion, healthcare, jan.png

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  1. That is an AWESOME photo of Cong. Jan Schakowsky! You can certainly see the spirit within manifesting outwardly.
    The thugee spirit is alive and well in Chicagoland and has recently “moved on up” into the White House. Discerning prayer warriors should get themselves educated about the roots of these thugs and their demon goddess Kali/Jezebel/Minerva/Diana. Informed prayer is powerful prayer.

  2. The problem is not that there are no pro-choice people who would flood into the streets to protest….
    Man, where is a bookie when you need one? I would like to place a million dollars on this bet.
    I especially like how they used the words – flood into the streets. What a joke, they couldn’t get a trickle.

  3. BOY…that main event room is really crowded, huh?
    And they had to put people in the background just to let them know there were other people (aside form the speakers) there?

  4. Jan Schakowsky was interviewed on an AM talk show–Don and Roma–in Chicago following the House passage of Obamacare. Don asked her why she would vote for a bill that included fines and jail sentences for those who do not participate. Her response was priceless. She completely disavowed any such language in the bill. Don then quoted the pertinent language and she was left denying and sputtering, without a leg to stand on. So much for quality representation!

  5. A fitting caption for the evil congresswoman’s photo might be:
    “We are going to continue to murder those little precious innocent babies by the bushel, by the dumpster, by the thousands, and no one is going to get in our way!!!”
    We need to be just as passionate, just as determined, just as adamant – more so in fact.
    They don’t stand a chance. Our side continues to gain momentum as the pro-death mob looks increasingly pathetic. This year’s March for Life, after BO’s first full year in office, is going to be great. A few weeks later we’ll kick off another 40 Days for Life.
    Exciting times.

  6. I think you should do a split screen of her and a rabid dog or a jackal with it’s mouth open…you’d see the similarities…LOL.

  7. It’s time to mobilize pro-lifers in Illinois to vote Jan out of office. These are the cities she represents:
    “The 9th Congressional District of Illinois consists of all of Evanston, Skokie, Niles, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Park Ridge and Norridge. It is also made up of parts of Wilmette, Northfield, Glenview, Golf, Rosemont and Des Plaines, as well as much of the North Side of City of Chicago. It has been represented by Democrat Jan Schakowsky since 1999.”

  8. I have a cousin in the Wilmette area, I wish I knew if he lived in the part that her district covers.

  9. Also, lobbying the senate and the house is a much more effective way to voice our opinions – standing and screaming outdoors with signs is not the best way to get one’s voice heard. With over 1,000 men and women showing up to fight for women’s health representing over 30 states and making over 100 lobby visits, this was NOT a bust – rather a huge success. Please get your facts straight.
    Posted by: Alex, Milwaukee, WI at December 3, 2009 2:55 PM
    Thats funny because, according to the rep from the Feminist blog noted above, they totally disagree with your statement.
    1,000 people? You have very low standards for success.

  10. Uh — I don’t know if this Congresswoman is evil per se, but why do prochoicers often seem so angry? I thought we were the nutty ones so full of hatred toward women, anger, etc.

  11. Let’s see. Michelle Bachman was able to mobilize thousands of patriots to show up in DC on just a few days notice, but the choice crowd???
    Fired up and ready to go…to sleep.

  12. Yeah, the right and dignity to decide when and whether to have children…if you’re absolutely positive you don’t want a kid at the moment, don’t have vaginal sex. If you’re absolutely positive you never want a kid ever, get sterilized.
    Sometimes people just don’t want to acknowledge that actions have consequences. I’d love to be able to quit law school and never work for the rest of my life, but I know I don’t want the consequences that would result, so I’m still in school. People think they should be able to do whatever they want and always have an escape hatch to get out of the consequences, but that’s just not how life works.

  13. Yeah, the right and dignity to decide when and whether to have children…if you’re absolutely positive you don’t want a kid at the moment, don’t have vaginal sex. If you’re absolutely positive you never want a kid ever, get sterilized.
    What about rape and incest? Pregnancies through these means are rare, but they do occur.
    Just playing devil’s advocate here.

  14. Amazing to see this mordacious congress person…compared to pictures of the *protestors* at the Tea Parties which the MSM tried to paint as angry, crazies…this woman (?) looks downright vicious. Sad, so sad…

  15. PhyllyMiss sez: “What about rape and incest? Pregnancies through these means are rare, but they do occur. Just playing devil’s advocate here.”
    PhillyMiss – it is not a good thing if a woman gets raped. However, the crime, and punishment, belongs to the perpetrator. Not the innocent child. I say this because a pro-choice tactic is to accuse someone like me, as my make my following comments, of things we did not say. So, I am trying to preempt.
    So, with that out of the way: In my line of work, I was able to meet and work with a woman and her teen daughter. This was on family-type issues, and so the issue of the father came up. The father was an unknown assailant rapist. The mom knew this and the teen daughter knew this. The mom discovered she had been impregnated by this rape. The mom decided to NOT let the child suffer for the rapist’s transgression. How is that “justice,” or “compassion?” Let someone else suffer death because a man raped a woman? Please. One crime is bad enough.
    This woman loves her child, and would not kill her child to prevent her own discomfort or shame, or to pursue whatever self-actualization she had planned that was interrupted by an unplanned pregnancy.
    Do you think the girl should have been killed?
    We family and friends and society need to acknowledge the reality and harm of rape. Perpetrators need to pay. The victims should not pay the prices. We family, friends, and society need to provide the types of support that the rape victims need. I was one of those people. Glad I could help.
    Myself, I saw nothing wrong with the girl and saw no reason why she should ahve been killed before birth or after.
    That is a true story regarding pregnancy resulting from rape. I have a similar, true story regarding incest, but it goes pretty much the same way, so for space and time considerations, I will end my note here.
    So, in conclusion, let me repeat: I do not think rape is OK. I do not think incest is OK. I just have to throw that in, because I know you will be thumbing through the manual on standard “pro-choice” responses to such true stories and reasoned thinking, because to some people nothing anti-abortion is ever OK, regardless of logic, compassion, justice, and humanity.

  16. You guys are SO ADORABLE. Seriously, it’s like you can’t remember that the biggest march in Washington history was the 2004 March for Women’s Lives. And it’s like you can’t remember that the whole “Michele Bachman snapped her fingers and thousands came” thing was factchecked as being total BS. And it’s like you don’t even know the difference between a march and a lobby day! Seriously, do all anti-choicers huff paint for breakfast?

  17. Note that Ms. Taylor says she had rearranged her schedule but it’s pretty clear that since the protest was indoors she decided not to go…
    Such a flood of pro-choicers that even this vehemently venting one couldn’t get herself in order enough to get out to the rally and show her support.
    I’d say that’s an awfully convenient excuse.
    Pro-choice “advocates” consist of the extremists, the paid, and the deeply ambivalent. Seems like Ms. Taylor has revealed which of the three she is. Despite all that apparent vehemence, was she there when her movement needed her?
    The sounds of crickets overwhelm.

  18. Marauder,
    What kind of lawyer are you hoping to be? Or what sort of job do you wish to hold in law? :)

  19. What about rape? No excuse for murdering a child. And the wimen that do, face a lifetime of heartake and unmistakable pain, just ask a woman, how her desision has effected her!aHowever do you think the pigs even care? No, these abortist pigs only care about sucking wimmen of their money!

  20. what are you so afraid of, 3:23p, asked: “Why are you deleting comments from people expressing opposing viewpoints, Jill?”
    I checked back, and moderators only unpublished one comment from your side, and it contained a derogatory term for tea partiers. Not allowed.

  21. Seriously, it’s like you can’t remember that the biggest march in Washington history was the 2004 March for Women’s Lives.
    First of all, says who? The media that is conspiculously absent when nearly a quarter million people march in D.C. EVERY YEAR for the unborn. Every. single. year., in the dead of winter, on whatever day the Roe anniversary falls. Like clockwork, we’re there and the media is not. And they claim you had the largest turnout- Hmm, how exactly would they know?
    Every decade or so, you pro-aborts drag yourself out for a sunny Saturday at the park in the Springtime and achieve remoteley the same numbers that we have every year. Let’s divide that by the sum of pro-lifers that march every year and we have a ratio of active pro-lifers to pro-aborts of at least 20:1. And you and you sincerely think yourselves active? You may have people that desperately want to keep having sex without pesky innocent bundles of joy slowing them down, but such inherently selfish people typically lack the gumption to fight for that ability, probably because it involves putting some clothes on.
    So your one-time gathering in optimal conditions with minimal sacrifice garnered a crowd- How many of these people would really show up for something other than a star-studded party? How many would do a leafletting campaign? How many would do anything? The answer is not so many. This Stupak Rally is your proof right there.

  22. For the record, there were only 15 people in the plaza at the Thompson Center. The cops actually out-numbered the “demonstrators.”
    I asked the “leader”, if it’s not a life, then why should it be “rare” or why should anybody decide to have an abortion with a “heavy heart?”
    She tried to give me a “stop Stupak” sticker. I took it and threw it away.

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