I feel like our blog has had a baby! A few weeks ago a pro-lifer named Gerard Nadal began posting compelling, articulate, educated comments here that many noted were just great.
Turns out Gerard has a Ph.D. and is a molecular biologist and microbiologist.
And, thanks in large part to the encouragement of moderator Bethany, Gerard has now launched a blog, Coming Home, putting his “science in service of the pro-life movement” to work. Yeah!
With his background, Gerard is obviously drawn to and an expert in the scientific aspect of the Life issue. He told me in email correspondence that contraception and the stem cell issue are also “big areas of interest.” And Gerard’s Catholic faith compels his concern for the plight of the preborn.
Here’s a sampling of Gerard’s excellent work, from a December 22 post entitled, “Great news!!”

It’s a beautiful day when the NY Times does your work for you in the pro-life movement.
Jane Brody reports in today’s NY Times on the positive developments for children born extremely prematurely in an article titled, “Risks, as well as hope for very tiny infants.” The news is very good indeed….

preemie, gerard.jpg

… [R]esearchers have been studying the survival and neurological development of extremely small babies for several decades. From the 1980s to the early 2000s, major increases occurred in the percentage of surviving babies (to 71%, from 49%) and babies who survived without neurological impairment (to 71% of survivors, from 65%) when re-examined at the corrected age of 20 months….
One psychologist following the development of these children reports, “We’ve begun to look at them again at age 9 and are finding no deterioration as they get into higher grades. Their academic skills have not declined and their behavioral functions have remained stable.”

So this is great news in a week of not-so-great news for pro-lifers. The data don’t lie, only politicians do. These data show that we are winning the personhood argument, that what are easily abortable babies are also easily saved humans who go on to lead normal lives.

We’ll be crossposting Gerard’s pieces often, I’m sure. We’ve also added him to the blogroll. Pro-life bloggers are so needed and valuable, particularly those who are as articulate as Gerry.
[Photo via the NYT]

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