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  • Chris Stirewalt on the left’s reaction to Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow:
  • News of the ad had a predictably Pavlovian effect on the Left. Since the spot combines many of the elements that the “educated class” most detests about America — frank expressions of Christianity, pro-life advocacy, home-schoolers, football hero worship and the South — they were incensed that cash-strapped CBS would take Focus on the Family’s money….

    Jehmu Greene, head of the Women’s Media Center, is leading a drive to punish CBS for airing the ad, which she claims is “sexist.”
    A little decoding is necessary here.
    In terms of Super Bowl ads, “sexist” is code for “anti-abortion.” But “sexist” does not apply to parading women around in their underpants to sell beer.
    Got it?

  • Meghan Duke relates her experience of being told to remove a pro-life pin when she visited the National Gallery of Art after the March for Life:
  • I decided to visit the Gallery after attending the March for Life the day before. There was an exhibit on processes of photography before the digital age that I hoped would confirm me in my refusal to give up on film. After searching my bag, the two guards at the Gallery told me, “You’re good to go in, but first you need to remove that pro-life pin.” He was indicating the small lime green pin with the message “impact73.org” and the silhouette of a small hand inside that of a larger hand that I had attached to the lapel of my coat. The pin, they informed me, was a “religious symbol” and a symbol of a particular political cause and it could not be worn inside a federal building. Why, I asked, can I not wear a religious or political symbol inside a federal building?

  • Stanford scientists have changed skin cells from mice tails into neurons without first making them pluripotent:
  • In the past, normal cells have been coaxed into changing function by first turning them into “induced” stem cells.
    These have similar properties to stem cells taken from embryos, giving them the potential to become any kind of tissue in the body.
    The new research went a step further by transforming mouse skin cells straight into functional neurons, while by-passing the stem cell process. .

  • Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books? You know, the ones where the reader could decide what the protagonists would do? “If you choose to enter the spooky old house, turn to page 131. If you choose to go to the police station, turn to page 189.”
    There is now a web show called “Bump + in which the viewers apparently choose what the actors in this fake reality show do with their pregnancies.

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