2009 was not a good year for Planned Parenthood affiliates in TN, and 2010 isn’t starting out well either.
three lightning strikes.jpgRecall that late last spring the TN legislature basically defunded PP, giving 1st priority to $1.1 million previously earmarked to PP for family planning to all other public health agencies 1st.
Credit LiveAction.org for instigating the financial freeze by shooting undercover video at a Memphis PP, wherein a counselor instructed Lila Rose, posing as a 13-yr-old, to lie to a judge about her adult “boy”friend impregnator….

Then last summer pro-lifers managed to keep a Knoxville PP from moving and expanding its chop shop, encouraging the prospective landlord to change his mind. Word from TN Right to Life is the PP lost its old lease and is now killing babies at a sympathetic doctor’s office
Now TN RTL president Brian Harris announced today that the aforementioned Memphis PP mill will not be allowed to move as planned to a coveted location near Memphis Catholic High School. The landlord has changed his/her mind, and PP has announced it is buying a building instead – in another direction.
Meanwhile, a TN senate committee is investigating the TN Health Services and Development Agency for authorizing PP’s move so close to a school.
I sure wish this were a game of baseball. Then PPs in TN would be out. Rather this is a high stakes fight for the lives of preborn children. And pro-lifers in TN are doing a great job.
[Photo via Flickr]

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