Two dozen frozen fetuses found at Philadelphia abortion clinic

UPDATE, 3:15p: Creative Minority Report has more on Gosnell’s apparent infamous history in the abortion movement.
womens medical society, kermit gosnell, abortion, philapelphia.pngAuthorities investigating the November death of a mother who died during an abortion at a Philadelphia mill made another shocking discovery. Might I add the assumption is these corpses are preborns, but we do not yet know that these weren’t born killed babies. From, February 22…

A shocking discovery was made in the office of a Philadelphia doctor by authorities investigating the report of a woman’s death during an abortion. Two dozen frozen fetuses were found in Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s office displayed in jars. Some of the fetuses date back over 30 years….

The frozen fetuses are being examined to see if possible illegal late-term abortion procedures were conducted. DEA, FBI and state drug agencies were reportedly investigating Dr. Gosnell on suspicion that he may have been illegally distributing painkillers. The woman who allegedly died during an abortion on November 20th was said to have high levels of painkillers in her body at the time.
Dr. Kermit Gosnell has been in trouble before for allowing an unlicensed physician’s assistant to see and treat patients. He was reprimanded in 1995 by the State Licensing Board. One report says that the woman who died during the abortion asked for more pain medication and it was administered by the unlicensed employee. It’s not clear if this led to her death.
At this time Dr. Gosnell has not been charged with a crime. Storing frozen fetuses, however grisly it may be, is not illegal if they were obtained during routine and legal abortions. But still, the thought of frozen fetuses being found in the doctor’s office is enough to keep you awake at night.
Authorities on site said that the conditions at the clinic were deplorable and unsanitary. Pending an investigation into the frozen fetuses found at the doctor’s office and the woman’s death, Dr. Gosnell’s license to practice medicine has been temporarily suspended.

No surprise, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy come to mind. If this weren’t about abortion, the comparison would come to the minds of all other sane people, too.
Why is it only abortion mills are found in “deplorable and unsanitary” condition? Why not the offices of orthodontists or podiatrists? Why is it only in abortion clinics where patients seem to die from such a “safe and legal” medical procedure? I never hear of patients getting warts removed dying in dermatology surgery.

More from the Associated Press

State authorities have suspended a West Philadelphia doctor’s medical license, citing “deplorable and unsanitary” conditions at his clinic.
The suspension order issued Monday night says there was “blood on the floor and parts of aborted fetuses were displayed in jars” at the Women’s Medical Society in Powelton Village.
The order says the continued practice of Kermit B. Gosnell posed “an immediate and clear danger to the public health and safety.”

Hello, women’s groups?
[HT: Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, Monte Harris of Stand for Life, and Twitter friend 12oceansnow34]

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  1. I’ve done pro-life organizing in the community around this clinic, and encountered many people saying they felt this clinic preyed on their neighborhood. The surrounding community is incredibly impoverished, crime is high and many residents lack access to affordable food and heat.
    As one older woman put it “If you want to help us, give us food! Give us jobs! Don’t give us a way to kill the babes we love and say you’re helping.”

  2. The so-called “women’s groups” (criminal abortionist pressure groups) do not give a damn about either unborn children or born women.
    They only care about preserving their “sacrament”.
    It does seem that the abortionists never run out of new items to add to their already extensive chamber of horrors.
    What a tragedy. Some of those kids would be thirty years old now if they hadn’t died way too young.

  3. This latest ‘news’story reminds of a line I heard in an interview of scifi/horror story author Stepen King:
    “I have the heart of small child.
    I keep it on my desk in a glass jar.”
    The ‘Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D.’ facade is that has been carefully constructed for the abortion industry by the ‘dead babies r us’ crowd, aided and abetted by their willing accomplices in the main scream lap dog media, is crumbling before their eyes.
    “Even the casual observer would have to conclude that reason is absent from the land.”
    yor bro ken

  4. Saw this on the local news last night (I’m near Philly) and just couldn’t believe people were still defending this doctor. YUCK! Thats gross! Who freezes babies for 30 years? And he is selling scrips on the side…way to take your profession seriously! But then again, if you were really interested in being a “healer” you wouldn’t be twisting the arms and legs off other defenseless human beings.

  5. The Mad Doctor of Blood Island
    Relevant dialogue begins at 2:42
    yor bro ken

  6. Oh my God…
    Perhaps if someone could get the exact body count and possibly even genders, we should give the children names and work for a memorial?
    They deserve for it to be said: I was here.

  7. Philly Vegan, that clinic is right near Penn and Drexel, too so they get lots of young college girls going there.
    Absolutely horrible.

  8. I guess I’m wondering why this is news? An ABORTION doctor has two dozen frozen babies? Here’s a headline… Hundreds of thousands of dead babies found in dumpsters behind every abortion clinic in America!

  9. A heart doctor (cardigologist) treats people with heart problems, a skin doctor (dermatologist) treats people with skin conditions. So does an “abortion doctor” treat sick abortions?

  10. “I guess I’m wondering why this is news?
    Posted by: jillktx at February 23, 2010 10:07 AM”
    I guess we cannot and should not be desensitized with what abortionists do and are doing.
    Horrible, yes. But the truth needs to be told as to what these evil men do.
    If we ignore this, we will be part of that very slippery slope that we are fighting against.

  11. I agree with you RSD… I wasn’t wondering why it was news on the pro-life end… my heart greives for these lost little ones… I’m just wondering why the media would choose this story and not the other? In their eyes, what makes this a “shocking discovery” any more than the abortion of more than 50 million babies?

  12. I am sooo sick about this- I actually had an abortion done by Dr. Gosnell in the mid 70s – I hate it that i even did this. but now this news makes me even sicker about it. He needs to be stopped from practicing ANY kind of medicine.

  13. When are Public Health Departments going to start inspecting these abortion mills on a regular basis? Why does it take a woman’s death, or illegal activities to warrant investigation? Nursing homes are inspected yearly, no??
    Would this fall under Ms. Sebelius’s job description?

  14. The men and women who perform abortions aren’t evil, RSD and Jill. This is a necessary medical procedure. And eventhough I and many don’t agree with it, it still needs to be done. We need to teach our children about birth control and not use abortions as a method.

  15. Jenn,
    If not evil, abortionists are terribly misguided. In what case(s) does an (elective) abortion NEED to be done?

  16. Jenn wrote:
    “And eventhough I and many don’t agree with it, it still needs to be done.”
    And why does is abortion “needed” when over 95% are done for elective reasons. The majority being preformws aren’t for reasons of rape/incest or where pregnancy endangers the woman’s health.

  17. Let me restate that:
    And why is abortion “needed” when over 95% are done for elective reasons, not for reasons of rape/incest or where pregnancy endangers the woman’s health.

  18. I agree with Rachel.. “Jenn” how on earth is it possibly “needed”? Aside of course from those woman whose lives are endangered from the pregnancy?

  19. Dear Ellen,
    I am so sorry. You are not alone in your abortion regret.
    I hope and pray that this is the end of Gosnell’s killing career.

  20. I guess I’m playing the race card here, but I don’t think that this “doctor” would have been in business in a majority white neighborhood.
    Also, the woman who died at the clinic was a refugee from Bhutan — a woman of color. And we are the ones who were supposed to benefit from ‘safe, legal abortions.”

  21. “The men and women who perform abortions aren’t evil, RSD and Jill- Jenn”
    And what would you suggest we call the people killing the defeseless unborn in the supposed-safety of their mother’s womb? saints or they’re just dcotor’s doing their jobs?
    A doctor’s primary job is to heal…
    If a doctor’s mindset is “today, I will KILL 5-6 unborn/born humans” rather than “today, I will HEAL 5-6 unborn/born humans”, then these people are and will always be evil.

  22. @philly miss
    The University of Pennsylvania, Presbyterian are in the very same neighborhood, and believe it when I say there were a large number of women getting abortions who weren’t women of color at Dr. Gosnell’s .
    my neighborhood is 95% white and the abortion clinic here has been there over 2 decades.
    Abortion clinics will thrive anywhere abortions are wanted, no matter the race.
    I think all things appen for a reason, and maybe it’s time for the women (who aren’t in health danger from pregnancy) to think twice, you are just as much at fault as the Dr. performing it.

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