NBC TV 25 in Flint, MI, ran a remarkable 2-part, back-to-back exposé on May 24 fairly detailing the merits of a lawsuit filed against late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari by former patient Caitlin Bruce, a story we’ve been following for some time.
In Part I, note how the story opens with an interesting turn on words, that Hodari “violated [Bruce’s] right to choice” – by forcibly aborting her. Also note, as Citizen for a Pro-Life Society’s Monica Miller wrote in an email, “The child is never called a “fetus”!

NBC’s written account of that story includes Bruce’s charges against Hodari…

Count I – Lack of informed consent/Medical Malpractice
Count II – Battery
Count III – Misrepresentation/Fraud

Count IV – Innocent Misrepresentation

Count V – Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Count VI – Ethnic/Gender Intimidation

Count VII – Violating the Elliot Larson Civil Rights Act

I wouldn’t put it past Hodari to have gone to Italy to escape justice, although sometimes he makes the stupidest comments I wonder about his cognitive abilities.
hodari large.jpgFor example, in this next news clip Hodari tries to claim his now infamous “license to lie” quip made during his 2007 Wayne State University speech was only about life or death situations: “Never tell a patient, especially a woman, you’re going to die. And in that respect, yes, we lie,” he told the reporter.
So many things wrong with that, where to start?
First, the sexism: “especially a woman”? Excuse me? And that coming from an ob/gyn? 2nd, just how much experience does Hodari have treating dying patients? 3rd, as a matter of fact, medical professionals are typically not supposed to lie to dying patients about their status, particularly if they are asking.
4th, the original context of Hodari’s “license to lie” statement indicates it had nothing to do with dying patients: “My wife says we doctors have a license to lie [audience laughs], and it’s true, it’s absolutely true. Sometimes you need to lie to a patient about things they want to do or no, much less now than in the past.” Ironically, Hodari lied to the reporter about a comment he made about lying.

I want to close this post with excerpts from an email I received 2 days ago:

I had an abortion in — of –. It was the worst thing that I have ever done. I went to Dr. Hodari’s clinic near –. I did not understand the amount of pain that I would experience with this procedure, not only physical pain, but emotional as well.
When the procedure was about to begin the speculum was inserted and vacuum was turned on, I said I want to stop, I started yelling and crying. The “vacuum” was inserted, I was told to stop yelling and I needed to be quiet because I was scaring the other patients. I was told there is no stopping, it has to be finished, it’s dangerous to stop. Two other women (staff) came in and held me down to finish.
For months after the procedure I cried almost every night, telling my unborn baby I was sorry. I felt like this clinic wanted my money and pushed the clients through. They don’t have any true consultation….
It wasn’t until the procedure was beginning that I realized the action/mistake that was about to take place. This is when I changed my mind. I am not against abortions, but it really struck my heart seeing this poor women on the television going through the same experience that I had, I know her pain and I feel for her….
It was the worst, most traumatic experience I have ever been through….

[HT: reader Denise; Monica]

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