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I am one of American Life League’s The Pill Kills Day proud cosponsors, which is today.
So I’ve been watching with interest the reaction of liberals and feminists to ALL’s theme this year, “The Pill Kills the Environment.” Here is an excerpt from a post I have up at on this…

… The Pill Kills Day… focuses on the various harmful effects of the birth control pill. ALL’s focus on this 3rd annual event is the Pill’s harmful effects on the environment.
But it turns out, just as founder Jessica Valenti wrote in a May 30 Washington Post op ed that one cannot be a feminist without supporting abortion, neither, apparently, can one be an environmentalist without supporting the right toxins….
Carol King at the Ms. magazine blog was “amused” by the pro-life side’s “antics” to draw attention to the fact that waste estrogen from the birth control pill is harming the environment, a point which, King wrote, “sent me into howls of laughter.”
King went on to downplay estrogen’s impact on the environment because, she erroneously claimed, it is confined to certain waterways, as if that matters anyway….

Continue reading my post, “For ‘real’ feminists, only politically correct environmentalists need ppply,” at
Also see a June 4 CBN interview with ALL’s Marie Hahnenberg on the dangers of The Pill here.

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