Horrible. From the Pocono Record, June 8:

A 30-year-old Polk Township man is accused of raping a teen and burying the girl’s fetus after she performed a home abortion on herself, police said.


Michael James Lisk told police that he had had sex with the 13-year-old girl “too many times to count,” according to court records. He’s been charged with rape of a child and concealing the death of a child, among other counts.
The girl, who attempted an abortion Wednesday, became increasingly ill and began having contractions over the following 3 days. When the pain worsened early Saturday morning, she phoned Lisk.
Lisk told her to “push hard” when she got a strong contraction. She did, and eventually gave birth to a baby in the toilet of her home. She told police the baby was stillborn….

After the birth she called Lisk again. Lisk told her to put the baby in a bag and he would come to her house and help her, according to a criminal complaint. She threw the baby near a tree in her yard, according to the complaint. Lisk retrieved the baby and took it, still wrapped in a plastic bag, to a wooded area. He buried it not far from his home in Polk Township.
Still sick on Sunday, the girl went with her mother to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Staff in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit contacted Lehighton State Police to report they were treating a 13-year-old patient who appeared to have recently been pregnant. During treatment, she told hospital staff that she had caused the abortion with a lead pencil….
The girl told police Lisk was a friend who lived nearby.
After the police interview, the mother and daughter both called Lisk to tell him the police were on the way to speak with him. Lisk went to the makeshift grave, dug up the baby’s body, wrapped it in two plastic bags and left it for state police, according to a complaint….
A search warrant uncovered evidence that the relationship had been sexual since the girl was 12.
He described his relationship with the girl as “like a marriage where you have sex all the time.” In a recorded interview, Lisk told police he believed he was the father of the baby.
Lisk was arrested and arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Michael Muth and placed in Monroe County Correctional Facility in lieu of $50,000 bail. Lisk is charged with rape of a child, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of a minor, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse.
An autopsy of the baby is scheduled for today. It may reveal the age and gender of the baby, and whether it was born alive….

lila 13 year old.pngNote the age difference of this real life rape/abortion incident is almost identical to that Lila Rose portrayed in video stings against Planned Parenthoods across the country. The child in the aforementioned story was 13 and her rapist 30; Lila (pictured right in one of the stings) said she was 13 and her “boyfriend” 31.
Jill at Feministe began her blog post about this tragedy agreeing, “This story is horrific,” adding:

I don’t believe that sex between a 30-year-old and a 13-year-old can ever be consensual; we also know that many extreme age-disparate relationships involve rape.

“Many”? As if sometimes sex between an adolescent and adult man is just fine? But I digress. Here’s where Jill blames pro-lifers for the pencil abortion:

And yes, this girl obviously needed access to safe abortion care; if she had such access, she wouldn’t have had to self-induce abortion with a lead pencil. Abortion access would have lessened this tragedy by a significant degree. It’s shameful that, under the guise of caring about children and babies, anti-choice groups seek to limit abortion access for women and girls.

Oh, Jill, I cannot believe you’re so dense. PA has a parental consent law, where one parent of a girl under age 18 seeking abortion must give permission. There is a judicial bypass. Either way, had the girl sought parental consent or attempted a bypass, her perpetrator’s crime would have been discovered.
What if Lisk had raped this girl in a state without a parental involvement law? Then Lisk could have whisked his victim off for “safe abortion care” with no one any the wiser. He would have killed the evidence and been enabled to continue “hav[ing] sex all the time” with her. Abortion is a sexual perpetrator’s best friend.
Jill carried on with esoteric gobbledygook:

And her community and her culture – the people who are supposed to tell her that she’s important, that she’s loved, that she deserves pleasure, that she deserves autonomy – failed her. We fail girls all the time. We put girls in impossible, heart-wrenching positions. We give girls little autonomy and few options, and then we’re surprised when they act like animals caught in traps.

Was Jill saying that had our puritanical society only validated to the girl that sex is great and she is mature enough to experience it as well as abortion if need be, the scenario would have gone differently? In fact, isn’t that likely Lisk told the girl all that? At any rate, isn’t abortion almost always about women finding themselves in “heart-wrenching positions” where they “act like animals caught in traps” by aborting?
Jill’s close:

Predators like Michael James Lisk, her “boyfriend,” are entirely responsible for the crimes they commit. But this girl needed a safety net, and she did not have one.

In fact, there were a couple safety nets available to the girl. Pregnancy of a minor is proof she is being sexually abused. Had anyone found out, this girl would have been rescued.
The pro-abort scenario would only have ensured no one found out.

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