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  • Does Carlton Veazey not understand how ridiculous this sounds?

    Respect for all human life is a basic principle of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice – but the facts are that these embryos were created for fertility treatments, are no longer needed, and are slated by those who created them for destruction.

    How can “respect for all human life” be a basic principle for an organization which advocates the killing of certain human beings? If you respect all human life it wouldn’t matter if the embryos are created for fertility treatments, are “no longer needed” (talk about proving how you don’t respect life – no one who genuinely respects life thinks of human beings as a type of commodity which is needed or not) and whose parents want them destroyed.

  • Operation Rescue reports abortionist Stephen Brigham has agreed to have his NJ medical license suspended starting September 15 so he can prepare a defense for himself. His suspension hearing is now scheduled for October 13.
  • The LA Times has an article on stem cell face lifts using adult stem cells from the patient’s fat: Stem cell face-lifts could someday offer real advances, says Dr. Michael McGuire, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a clinical associate professor of surgery at UCLA. But he believes that scientists are still at least 10 years away from reliably harnessing stem cells to create new collagen and younger-looking skin. Until then, promises of a quick stem cell face-lift are a “scam,” he says.
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