I wrote in my WorldNetDaily.com column last week that House GOP leadership was considering excluding social issues from its 2010 agenda to focus entirely on fiscal issues.

Over the weekend several conservative Republican leaders, most importantly Mike Pence, called on us to let the House powers that be know the pro-life and marriage issues were foundational and not to be ignored.

Well, today Manhattan Declaration leaders wrote good news in an email:

Great news!  So many of you emailed the Republican House leader’s office last week urging the party not to backtrack on its commitment to life, liberty and marriage that you brought the email servers down.  We have just been informed that the Republican leadership WILL now include references to marriage and federal funding of abortion in their election agenda.

And The Hill reported yesterday:

Social conservatives are confident that their issues will be included in the anticipated new House GOP Contract with America.

According to key anti-abortion lawmaker Rep. Joseph Pitts (R-PA), GOP leadership gave their reassurances that lighting-rod issues related to abortion would be addressed in the final, yet-to-be-seen “governing agenda.”…

Hot-button controversial social issues including abortion were not included in 1994’s seminal Contract with America.

But social conservatives made a concerted effort to avoid such a mistake this year and have actively lobbied GOP leaders to include their issues in any legislative agenda or risk losing their support.

The way they do it will be things like no funding of abortions. But it’s laid out….” [former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman OK Rep. Tom] Cole explained.

I didn’t realize abortion was excluded from the 1994 Contract. Interesting. We’re seeing progress.

And figuring out ways to meld abortion into fiscal concerns is fine with me. That’s what I was saying – defund human embryo experimentation, defund Planned Parenthood, defund international abortion groups, etc.

So to all who made their voices known, good job!

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