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  • Canada’s Globe and Mail has named abortionist Henry Morgentaler 1 of their “25 Transformational Canadians.” I found this quote from Morgentaler to be… well…:My experience during the Holocaust showed me the depth of depravity that human beings can become involved in…. It made me, more than ever, conscious of the inherent evil that human beings can descend to, and that it is our duty not to ever allow this to happen.

  • The Columbus Dispatch has more information on the teen-marriage-because-mom-supposedly-wanted-daughter-to-have-an-abortion case:“What was your mother’s reaction?” [Judge] Acker asked.

    “She was shocked. She couldn’t believe it,” Gabrielle [Squeglia] said. “She said that I hope I do the right thing, and I look at all my options, and I told her I want to keep it. She started saying I should get an abortion. ‘This isn’t right. You guys are too young.’ It just, like, killed me ’cause I thought she’d be happy for me, but she was all negative.”

  • One WI scientist says he has a moral obligation to kill human embryos:“If the embryo would be destroyed anyway,” says [Ronald] Kahil, “we have a moral obligation to say, “Let’s see if we can use it and bring some betterment to humanity.'”

    Kalil also thinks that he’s not immoral or unethical because he works long hours in a lab.

  • The Irish Times reports that Irish custom authorities seized more than 1,000 packages of abortion drugs in 2009:The majority of seizures by customs and other services related to the drug Misoprostol (1,118 units) and Mifepristone (98), which are typically available on the internet.
  • Is there a cheaper way to a cancer drug using tree stem cells?
  • This Times of India article on adult stem cells being used to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cerebral palsy sounds a little too good to be true. They do claim the Parkinson’s research was published in a peer reviewed journal.
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