Earlier this afternoon the Pence Amendment defunding Planned Parenthood passed in the House by a vote of 240-185-1. (The link to the roll call is not working yet.)

Here is a summary of the vote:

240 Voting YES: 230 Republicans and 10 Democrats (Boren of OK, Costello of IL, Donnelly of IN, Lipinski of IL, McIntyre of NC, Peterson of MN, Rahall of WV, Reyes of TX, Ross of AR, and Shuler of NC)

185 Voting NO: 178 Democrats and 7 Republicans (Bass of NH, Biggert of IL, Bono Mack of CA, Dent of PA, Dold of IL, Frelinghuysen of NJ and Hanna of NY)

1 Voting PRESENT: 1 Republican (Amash of MI)

That said, now the real fight begins.

Unlike the House, the Senate is light on pro-lifers and still controlled by Democrats. Nancy Pelosi said the other day she knew the fight would be there. And here will be their talking point… that defunding PP will be “declar[ing] war on birth control.” They will also try to mix the amendment defunding PP with the amendment defunding Title X. Read on (click to enlarge)…

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