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  • CNN has a story of another woman who obtained an abortion from Kermit Gosnell. LaToya Ransome had to have open heart surgery a month after her abortion and now she suspects she got an infection from Gosnell’s clinic.
  • David Kahane writes satirically in the National Review on abortionist Kermit Gosnell:You bet no one put a stop to it. Because if there’s one thing we can’t have, it’s inspectors traipsing around abortion clinics, making sure all the bureaucratic niceties are observed — as if docs have time for stuff like that when there’s a world of babies about to be “born,” waiting to be scissored to death. Give a provider a break! Oversight would just scare away the poor, often underage, mostly minority women who brave the throngs of screaming hate-filled “pro-lifers” in order to exercise their Right to Choose.

  • NARAL is in a tizzy over conscience rights in the Protect Life Act:“This new Congress, in just its first month of work, has taken perhaps some of the most radical positions against abortion that I have ever seen,” said NARAL policy director Donna Crane.

    However, a Pitts spokesman said the bill’s language is similar to “conscience rights” protections provided by other abortion legislation, including the 1976 Hyde Amendment and the 2004 Hyde-Weldon Amendment. The Hyde Amendment, which must be approved by Congress each year, bans the use of federal funds to pay for abortion. The Hyde-Weldon Amendment, passed by a Republican-controlled Congress in 2004, ensures that the federal government could not withhold funds from caregivers opposed to providing abortions.

    NARAL and other abortion rights groups have vigorously opposed any conscience protection legislation,” Pitts spokesman Andrew Wimer told The Hill. “It is no surprise that they would attack the Protect Life Act with the same old talking points.”

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