With several bills and amendments in motion to stop taxpayer funding of abortion and the abortion industry, the other side is once again reaching inside its closet of scare tactics to the coat hanger, symbolic of dangerous pre-Roe illegal abortions. For instance, the new MoveOn.org ad

And this one by Zina Saunders at Mother Jones (click on graphic for link to view)…

Never mind there is evidence wanting that pre-Roe pregnant mothers in America actually ever used coat hangers to abort. And as Eric Scheidler points out, only the abortion lobby should be blamed these days for any self-induced abortions by that method since they’re the only ones bringing it up.

But we get the point: Making abortions harder to get, or illegal, will lead to women dying who dangerously attempt them on their own.

This pitch is made for no other behavior they agree with us should be “rare.” We don’t make cigarettes or alcohol more available to curb smoking and drinking. We don’t argue laws should not be passed for fear someone will break them.

But whatever, they’re making this pitch at an interesting time when legal abortions are being exposed as more ghastly than illegal abortions ever were. Gosnell. Pendergraft. Brigham. Carhart. Rajanna. Osathanondh. Finkel. Finkelstein. Perper. Hodari. Planned Parenthood. These names are only the tip of the iceberg.

Then there are medical abortions. First of all, the abortion industry is using Misoprostol, the 2nd half of the RU486 cocktail, against FDA protocol. Second, medical abortions have brought us full circle. Pregnant mothers are back to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) abortions, with increasing calls from the abortion industry to make the pills available in areas without medical help if something goes wrong.

The only difference between back-alley abortions of yesterday and today is the expansion and control of the money gotten from them. Today abortion is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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