Mother Jones has a story up today as well as a link to the indictment of pro-abort terrorist Theodore Shulman. Shulman was arrested on February 25 for threatening two pro-life leaders. Above is the last post Shulman wrote before being arrested. From the MJ piece:

For years, opponents of abortion rights have complained to local, state, and federal law enforcement that Theodore “Ted” Shulman, a radical abortion-rights activist, was harrassing and threatening them. Nothing ever came of it until late February, when the anti-abortion rights blogosphere lit up with rumors that Shulman had finally been arrested….

Now Mother Jones can confirm that Shulman, the 49-year-old son of famed feminist author and activist Alix Kates Shulman, faces a 6-count federal indictment for allegedly threatening 2 unnamed anti-abortion activists. The charges, which each carry a maximum 5-year-sentence, could land Shulman in prison for decades if he’s convicted on all counts. Shulman pleaded not guilty.

Neither the FBI agent nor the assistant US attorney handling the case responded to requests for comment. A call and email to Shulman’s lawyer went unreturned. It’s not unheard of for extreme anti-abortion activists to face legal consequences when they cross the line. But Shulman is by far the most prominent alleged harrasser of abortion foes, and one of the first – perhaps the first – to be prosecuted under federal laws that forbid threatening others across state lines….

Many prominent opponents of abortion rights claim to have been harrassed or threatened by Shulman over the years. Gerard Nadal, a blogger and university professor who does “science in the service of the pro-life movement,” has written on his blog that he and “many others” have been subjected to “repeated threats” from Shulman, including: anti-abortion speaker and organizer Bryan Kemper; anti-abortion blogger and World Net Daily columnist Jill Stanek; Operation Rescue leader Troy Newman; Father Frank Pavone, the head of Priests for Life; Planned Parenthood “sting” videographer Lila Rose; Colorado anti-abortion activist Ken Scott; Cheryl Sullenger; and Princeton professor Robert George….

Shulman was most feared by anti-abortion activists for his alleged willingness to call their homes and cell phones, but just one of the counts stems from phone communications. The other counts stem from comments that Shulman – who also went by the aliases “Doctor Defense,” “DD,” and “Operation Counterstrike,” the name of his blog – allegedly submitted for publication on various websites around the web.

[HT: Cheryl Sullenger of OR]

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