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  • The Chicago Tribune has investigated Illinois’ abortion reporting and found it to be filled with gaps:

    Health care providers are failing to detail abortion complications to the state as required by law, one of many gaps in a surveillance system viewed as crucial to protecting patients, a Tribune review has found.

    The state’s system for tracking abortions is so broken that regulators also may be missing more than 7,000 of the procedures per year….

    The Tribune found:

    • State regulators have documented between 7k and 17k fewer abortions a year than a national research group found in IL.
    • This reporting is the only tool IL authorities have to monitor some abortion providers, yet regulators may be allowing doctors and clinics to operate off the books. Regulators collect reports from 26 providers, but the abortion rights research group has identified 37 providers doing business in the state.
    • Also unknown to officials are the types of abortion-related problems experienced by women. Nearly 4,000 reports of abortion complications involving IL residents in 2009 were missing the required description.
    • Health care providers who intentionally fail to submit accurate and complete reports are committing a criminal act, and a failure to report abortion complications is grounds for revoking their licenses, but the Dept. of Public Health has never sought disciplinary action against a provider.

  • Researchers have started to select patients for the next clinical trial using cells derived from embryonic stem cells. This clinical trial will test the safety of putting the cells in patients with two different forms of blindness.
  • A man in Kuwait has been arrested for performing abortions:

    During the quizzing, he reportedly admitted that he had performed 50 abortions, amid claims that one Asian woman died from complications, the daily said.

  • Government officials have closed 8 sonography centers and 4 abortion clinics in India’s Beed District (pictured left) after finding two aborted female children:

    “The centres were run by unqualified medical professionals, the operation rooms at these centres were flouting disinfection norms, there were a lack of emergency drugs and no blood transfusion facility,” [family welfare bureau asst. director Mahendra] Ahiwale said.

    As per the provisional figure of the 2011 census, the child sex ratio in Maharashtra is 883 girls per 1,000 male children (down by 30 points since 2001). The decline was maximum in Beed district (93 points). Beed has the lowest child sex ratio in the state with 848 girls per 1,000 boys.

    Villagers and social activists claim that the secluded spot (nullah on the Beed-Parali road in Parali Vaijananath where the female foetuses were dumped) has become a regular place for those indulging in female foeticide. “They come in a vehicle, throw the foetuses in the nullah or adjoining abandoned well and go away,” alleged Balasaheb Gite, the farmer who lodged the police complaint about the foetuses being dumped.

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