Last week I reported Planned Parenthood was reduced to paying people to follow it on Twitter, at a cost of $10-70/per.

Now Planned Parenthood is paying Twitter to promote its “tweets,” or 140-character messages. And according to the Wall Street Journal, those tweets cost $100,000 apiece, probably now a low figure since that article is 9 mos. old.

So on June 13 alone, Planned Parenthood paid $200,000 to promote 2 tweets. That’s $715 per character…

And all those Republicans who inexplicably support Planned Parenthood should note Planned Parenthood thanks you by stabbing you in your politically obtuse back.

Planned Parenthood is freed up to spend money backing pro-abortion Democrats only because politicians, including some foolish Republicans, subsidize its income elsewhere. Don’t forget that in the 2010 elections, Planned Parenthood Action endorsed 226 Democrats and 0 Republicans for Congress.

Anyway, the next time Planned Parenthood complains that a reduction or zeroing out of taxpayer funding will adversely affect poor women seeking its services, tell Planned Parenthood to tell it to Twitter.

[HT: David Schmidt at]

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