Update, 4:42p: Ack, sorry, I accidentally had comments off! Just fixed.

10:33a: Americans United for Life has issued an initial summary of 2011 state legislative actions on the Life issue, current as of July 13. It is impressive!

Also, a political insider shared interesting thoughts with me while I was in Washington this week. Quoting:

Something is happening: a shifting of the center of gravity back to the states.  The progress we’re making on defunding the largest abortion provider in America in the state level ought to spur the imagination of every one of us.  We cannot become myopic that every battle can be won in D.C. Federalism was at the center of what the founders believed.

There is great hope and promise at the state level. States will lead this country back to the values, principles, and practices that made this country great more than this city will. On the issue of the moment, public funding of abortion, we are winning at the state level.. The closer we get these issues to the life and values of the people of our country, the more confident we can be.

The successes I’m seeing on the state level as well as that comment are expanding (shifting?) my thoughts on defeating abortion. Here is another question Father Pavone asked pro-life leaders a few months back:

Choose one:

[ ] We must solve this problem first on the national level.

[ ] We must solve this problem first on a state or local level.

Thoughts on all this?

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