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  • I’m not sure who came up with the title for the AP article, “One-child policy a surprising boon for China girls.”

    Yeah – 43 million girls aborted because they were female, coercive family planning measures, being less likely to have siblings, family members who are bitter you’re not male, etc. – and in return the policy may have played a small role in the increasing number of Chinese women going to college and getting degrees. Doesn’t really sound like a boon to me.

  • According to ProLifeCorner.com, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion clinic in Rockford (pictured left; known previously for its rubber-chicken-as-crucified-Christ antics, among other things) failed an inspection in June:

    Below are listed some of the frightening violations documented by the State of Illinois about Rockford’s abortion mill:

    The Northern Illinois Women’s Center did NOT meet the requirement of a sanitary facility.

    It was determined that “3 of 3 operating rooms inspected failed to ensure a sanitary environment.”

    NIWC failed to prevent potential contamination of clean equipment.

    Gynecological cannulas were stained with a “brown substance.” (Cannulas are surgical instruments inserted directly inside a mother.)

  • Three Milwaukee teens have been arrested for the murder of a pregnant woman:

    34-year-old Sharon Staples was killed early Sunday morning after she refused to give her purse to two armed robbers. Staples was 4 months pregnant. The fetus didn’t survive. Staples also left behind 7 children ranging in age from 4 to 13.

    Wisconsin has an unborn victims of violence law.

  • A Catholic church in the Philippines is set to rally against the government’s lack of action in preventing sales of illegal abortion pills:

    [Msgr. Jose Clemente] Ignacio recounted that he earlier received a text message from the police reporting that authorities had apprehended two vendors selling Cytotec, and had subsequently cleared the area of others suspected of vending the tablets.

    “I said I was not satisfied… they need to capture all distributors, all suppliers and close down all abortion clinics in Quiapo,” Ignacio told reporters in an interview.

    Ignacio said parishioners and devotees of the Black Nazarene have decided to mobilize a rally on Friday to express their outrage on the continuing Cytotec trade in Quiapo despite repeated calls for authorities to act on the problem.

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