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  • Our newest blog addition, Right to Life of Michigan, summarizes new polling information from Gallup regarding life issues. Most people favored restrictions and regulations on abortion, especially after the 1st trimester, but the majority also said Roe v. Wade was a good law – which means most people really don’t know Roe:

    This is where pro-lifers and the importance of educating the public on pro-life issues need to come in. The main reason 58% of the public supports Roe v. Wade is because vast swaths of citizens have no clue what [the law] did.

    If they knew it overturned abortion laws in 50 states and set up a framework which prevents states from banning late-term abortions, support for Roe would plummet.

  • SoapboxFive reveals Planned Parenthood and population alarmists aren’t really pro-choice – they are pro-abortion, as evidenced by their support for China’s oppressive One Child Policy. The “bodily autonomy” rhetoric rings hollow in the face of such barbarism.
  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers doesn’t buy China’s promises to stop sex-selective abortions. Despite their past “efforts,” the gender gap has widened and forced abortion, sterilization, and infanticide have increased. In 2009, China hailed these tactics as a success in countering global warming, and CNN mogul Ted Turner agreed in 2010, suggesting the world should adopt China’s policies.
  • Parenting Freedom notes a horrifying New York Times article on the trend of selectively reducing twins to singletons for non-health reasons. Even those who describe themselves as pro-abortion seem to be uncomfortable with this kind of procedure.
  • Vital Signs points to a disturbing pro-euthanasia piece in the Huffington Post by April Bogle of Emory University, in which she suggests human society should take its cues from the rainforest on how to “clean up the mess” of caring for the sick and elderly.
  • Star Studded Super Step discusses reasons the Catholic Church should accept embryo adoption.
  • Pro Life Blogs links to Operation Rescue’s updates on the botched abortions of late-term abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the video below, Boyd describes himself as an ordained Baptist pastor who “asks God to accept the spirit of a pregnancy back into heaven with love and understanding.” Also alarming is the calm voice of the nurse reporting complications of a “post first-term” procedure. That’s a new one:
  • ABQ Abortion doctor under investigation:

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