The Lord gives instructions.
The women who announce the good news are a large army.
~ Psalm 68:11

I attended Smart Girl Summit 2011 in St. Louis over the weekend and learned an interesting point to ponder.

I’ve attended a few local Tea Party rallies but haven’t been intimately involved in the movement. What I learned at the Summit is the Tea Party is chiefly, pardon the pun, run by women.

When googling the topic I saw this isn’t new news (here, here, here, for instance). Andrew Breitbart also spoke about it at the Summit, saying basically what he said on CBS News in May:

The recently debuted excellent Citizens United movie Fire from the Heartland was also shown at the Summit, only adding to this narrative. Its subtitle: “The Awakening of the Conservative Woman.” Here’s the trailer:


Watch or buy the movie if you can. It’s quite inspiring.

I don’t mean to generalize. I know men are involved in the Tea Party movement, which is critical. But I think a combination of factors has led to the rise of conservative “mama grizzlies” to take back our country.

First, I think Breitbart had it right, albeit a little tactless, that men in the U.S. have been emasculated by feminists. They are no longer clear on their roles. They’ve become timid. A collective Deborah has had to step in.

Second, I think the maternal instinct that something was wrong with America, and that our children, homes, and future were  in danger, reached a tipping point with Obamacare, which is what gave rise to the Tea Party. Sarah Palin’s entrance onto the US stage opened the door.

When you thus consider that the Tea Partiers pushing for Cut, Cap, and Balance have been predominantly women… that those Obama and Democrats are fighting on the taxing, spending, increased regulations, and illegal immigration fronts are predominantly women… that the Tea Partiers John McCain called “hobbits” are predominantly women… it changes one’s view of the situation.

For instance, this cartoon by liberal Steve Benson at becomes even more infuriating than before, considering now who those “brats” for the most part are (only 2 portrayed as girls, interestingly)…

The other side is fighting against millions of women cut from the same cloth as Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin – and yes, even Annie Oakley, as Breitbart said. We have the blood of the pioneer women coursing through our veins. I love that.

But the other side isn’t getting this phenomenon. They repeatedly portray Tea Partiers is idiot, male, hillbilly oafs. See the cartoon by Don Wright in this past weekend’s Sunday funnies, or this one by Jim Morin at

Or the other side could be trying to ignore this phenomenon. Because the prospect is deadly to them. American women rising against the Democrat Party and by connection the liberal feminist movement? Unthinkable.

Where does this place the pro-life issue? I think in a very good spot. Although the Tea Party is primarily about government spending, it is also about social issues. To my knowledge, all Tea Partiers elected to Congress in 2010 were pro-life.

And I wonder if the abortion issue isn’t one of those disturbing maternal instinct rumblings being felt by the rising conservative woman… a danger to hearth and home that is also reaching a tipping point.

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