Back in the day the birth control pill was the answer to all of anti-life’s problems. Listen to this naive song by Loretta Lynn, recorded in 1972. Read lyrics to “The Pill” here


53+ million abortions later, “Oh, daddy, don’t you worry none, ’cause mama’s got the pill,” rings a bit hollow.

Not to worry. With the proliferation of STD’s – and unintended pregnancies, shock – the contraception/abortion industry started recommending that couples use two forms of birth control simultaneously, The Pill and condoms…

Now Planned Parenthood is recommending a back-up for the back-up – for those times when one takes The Pill carelessly and the condom breaks….


Yes, on sale soon at Planned Parenthood will be megadoses of female steroids, aka emergency contraceptives, to be taken in conjunction with microdoses, aka The Pill.

All this with the news just out of a newly identified – and deadly – risk of the latest class of birth control pills.

How soon before they begin offering a back-up for the back-up of the back-up?  Don’t laugh. It’s coming. Back in 1972 no one could have imagined where we’re at today in our elusive efforts to have sex without consequences.

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