A pro-choice group called the Abortion Gang (that label is sure not to ruffle any feathers), has made a proposition to fans of the Denver Broncos. Every time quarterback Tim Tebow scores a touchdown and takes a knee to pray–which has become so ubiquitous as to have been given its own meme, Tebowing– the Abortion Gang has asked for donations to their cause….

Blogger Sophia Brugato… began the hashtag #10forTebow, referring to the amount of money she plans to donate to pro-choice groups.

[W]e are pessimistic that sports fans would put money against a cause that Godlike player advocates, but then again, maybe there are some really anti-Tebow fans that would love to give money towards #10forTebow as a way of spiting the quarterback for every one of those 18 touchdowns he’s scored this season.

Update: Ms. Brugato writes to us… “[H]is advocacy for anti choice groups, the most well known being the commercial he did during the super bowl two years back, means he is beyond just “believing” women should Not have reproductive freedom, he’s actively working to end choice. Fans of the Broncos and Tebow that I know personally have been 100% supportive, and perusing some blogs that have mentioned #10ForTebow , it appears many fans seem cool with the idea.

~ New York Observer, December 16

Jill here: This pro-lifer has become “cool with the idea” of donating to a pregnancy care center or pro-life organization whenever Tebow makes a touchdown or bends his knee. Pro-lifers unite! Watch the Broncos/Patriots tomorrow, December 18, at 4:15p EST and note your $10 donation at #10forTebow!

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