UPDATE 1/30, 7:12a: We blindsided and overwhelmed NARAL last year with our “Ask Them What They Mean by ‘Choice'” Day, but this year the group was more prepared. They signed up 1/3 more blogs to participate and tried to keep up with our counter-tweets. 

But we forced them to think about what “choice” really stands for, whether they wanted to or not. And NARAL will never ever again be able to euphemistically celebrate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade online unanswered.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank noted NARAL’s “Blog for Choice Day” in his list of “carnivals” surrounding the terrible anniversary.

Thanks to all who blogged, tweeted, and Facebooked their groups to remind them what “pro-choice” actually means.

UPDATE 1/22, 3:35p: I’m still adding blogs and reading some great posts. Don’t forget to use hashtag #tweet4choice on all pro-life tweets today.

UPDATE 1/22, 9:10a: Today is the tragic, terrible 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized the subsequent murders of 55 million children and counting.

Abortion proponents call this “choice.” They fear the word “abortion.” They know it has negative connotations – not so different from the word “holocaust.”

So today NARAL is sponsoring the euphemistic Blog for Choice Day.

But we’re not going to let them get away with it. Dozens of pro-life bloggers have banded together to write their thoughts about “choice.” See them listed when you open this post.

And pro-lifers on Twitter, Facebook and all over the web are going to call the other side out when they try to gloss over the reality of killing innocent preborn babies with that dastardly word “choice.”

Feel free to use our graphic on your Facebook page today. Tweeters use hashtags #tweet4choice and #blogforchoice on all pro-life tweets today.

UPDATE 1/20, 8:15a: I added 10 or so blogs to the list this morning, which made my day. Down on the Pharm wrote a good explanation on the purpose of this endeavor:

January 22 is a special day for the abortion supporters to push their cause using  blogs and  social media.  It’s the 39th anniversary of unfettered recreational abortion brought to you by your Supreme Court.

The pro-life bloggers and their contributors are using the same day to ask them: ‘exactly what do they mean by CHOICE’?  This campaign  is rebirthed by Jill Stanek and friends. Feel free to join the party. If you tweet, add #tweet4choice to your effort. Use your facebook or similar accounts too!  It’s good clean fun, and will drive NARAL nutz.

1/19, 9:10p: This Sunday, January 22, pro-life bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, commenters, debaters, apologists, and rabble-rousers will band together to counter NARAL’s Blog for Choice Day by asking them everywhere they can, “What do you mean by that word, ‘choice'”?

On Sunday we will not let the other side get away with the euphemism “choice” to cover for the word they for some reason like to avoid: Abortion. In other words, killing babies.

Feel free to use the graphic, right, as your Facebook profile photo for the day, and also on your blog.

On Twitter use the hashtag #Tweet4Choice for all your pro-life tweets. Let’s take it over.

Here are the blogs that have signed on to participate thus far…

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii
A Star of Hope
Abby Johnson
Accepting Abundance
Aloha Life Advocates
And Sometimes Tea
The Bitter Americans
C-5?s Simian Roadhouse
Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform
Catholic Fire
Catholic Sistas
Citizens 4 Freedom
The Cloakroom (FRC)
Crazy Cat Lady Mews
Creation Tips
Daughter of Mary
Day by Day in Our World
Deeper Truth Blog
Designs by Birgit
Disabled Children Human Rights
Down on the Pharm
Equipping Catholic Families
For Love of Cupcake
Foundation Life
FRC Blog
Freedom Eden
Generations for Life
God Is At Work In You!
The Holy Face of Jesus
Illinois Review
In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being
Joseph Karl Publishing’s Blog
Josiah Concept Ministries
Joy Filled Family
Katy Pundit
The Latter Days
Left Coast Refugee
Lisa Graas
Tony Layne
Little Bytes News
Little Catholic Bubble
Lox Populi
Man with Black Hat
Little Catholic Bubble
Massachusetts Citizens for Life
Mommy Life
Moronic Pro-Choice Quotes
My Drop in the Ocean
Operation Rescue
Philothea on Phire
Pro-Life Action League
Pro Life in TN
Pro-Life Nation
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Radar Active
Radiant Cross Right to Life
Raising & Teaching Little Saints
Random Thoughts and Musings
Religiously Incorrect
Rosary Mom
Secular Pro-Life
Seeking to Walk in the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Simon Says
Societal Squalor
Sorry All the Clever Names are Taken
The Spiritual Workout
Stand for Life
Star Studded Super Step
Suzy B (SBA List)
TFP Student Action
True Love Leads to Life
The Unborn Voice
Van Maren Traditionalist Views
Wheat & Weeds
ZOEgirl Canada

What, your blog isn’t yet on the list? It’s not too late! Email me to  add it.

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