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  • It’s hard to keep a straight face reading this from Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards:

    In fact, the Tebow story exemplifies the health care environment that Planned Parenthood promotes….

  • Scott Klusendorf recently had a piece entitled, “The 2012 Elections: Five Questions for Pro-Life Advocates,” published in the Christian Research Journal.

  • The Guttmacher Institute and the World Health Organization have apparently put together another one of those worldwide abortion studies guesstimates based on guesstimates which the Lancet decided to publish. Unsurprisingly, they push for more funding of contraceptives and claim abortions are more frequent in countries where abortion is illegal.
  • Russell Moore writes about sharing the gospel in an abortion culture.:

    In your congregation this Sunday, and in the neighborhoods around you right now, there are women vulnerable to abortionist propaganda, not because they reject the church but because they’re afraid they’ll lose the church. Pregnant young women are scared they will scandalize church people when they start to show, so they keep it secret. Parents are fearful their pregnant daughter, or their son’s pregnant girlfriend, will prompt the rest of the congregation to see them as bad families.

    As they keep all of this secret from the Body of Christ, many of them fall prey to the false gospel of the abortion clinic. “We can take care of this for you,” these people say. “And it will all go away.”

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