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  • The Center for Reproductive Rights has asked for a rehearing of Texas’ ultrasound law in front of the entire 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Abortions will resume at a Planned Parenthood in Columbia, Missouri now that the clinic has found a new abortionist.
  • An Australian abortion clinic will stop performing abortions past 24 weeks. The clinic previously performed post 24-week abortions on women with “psychosocial reasons” including women who were “suffering mental health problems, have had a catastrophic change in their circumstances or have experienced difficulty accessing abortion services earlier.”

  • The New York Daily News has the story of a woman who was misdiagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, given one of the drugs used in chemical abortions, discovered her child was actually in her uterus and decided to give birth despite the possibility of birth defects. Despite being born with some rather serious birth defects, her daughter is “surprisingly healthy.”

  • The Peoria Journal Star has an article on National Health Care Services abortion clinic in Peoria, Illinois (pictured left), which was found in violation of “dozens” of state rules (22 pages worth of deficiencies) after being inspected for the first time in over a decade:

    Since the inspection, National Health Services has instituted a number of changes, including rewriting charts to indicate physicians reviewed patient medical histories and physical exams; renewing and updating files on physicians’ credentials and hospital privileges; and training or re-training staff on pre- and post-operative emergency procedures. Additionally, licensed practical nurses will no longer administer intravenous medications and no LPNs or registered nurses will perform duties beyond their scope of practice. A maintenance log has been established to document regular equipment sterilization and all medications and narcotics will be locked away at all times.

    The clinic spent about $10,000 to meet requirements of a separate architectural inspection. Almost $4,000 of the amount went to replacing wooden doors of two storage rooms with fireproof doors….

  • Peter Heck points out how many pro-choicers insert emotion into the abortion debate in place of logic and notes how pro-choice political candidates rarely have to face emotional questions based on personal scenarios:

    Or compare apples to apples and envision Obama being quizzed by Piers Morgan: “So if you believe that partial-birth abortion is a legitimate medical procedure that violates no moral law, would you be willing to inject the saline into your own daughter’s womb to burn your grandchild alive?” Such outrageously aggressive and offensively personal questioning would have Morgan looking for work within a week.

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