Breaking news…

EWTN has just announced it filed a lawsuit today to block the contraception mandate. From the National Catholic Register:

“EWTN’s lawsuit is important because the network is not a church. They are a lay-run organization, and they have a right to live by and practice their faith and project the messages they want to project. For the government to say that only churches have religious liberty – but individuals do not – is contrary to what the First Amendment is all about,” said [Mark] Rienzi [law professor at Catholic University of America].

At nearly the same time, Priests for Life announced it, too, is filing a lawsuit:

Priests for Life is particularly well placed to pursue this litigation because its primary purposes are to promote and protect life whereas the primary purposes of the contraceptive mandate are to prevent and destroy life.

Also about the same time the  Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced:

Michigan will be the lead state in an effort to defend religious liberty in three separate lawsuits filed by The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty on behalf of two colleges and a religious broadcasting network [EWTN] challenging onerous administrative health care regulations recently handed down by the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, reported on these tweets by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church:

Don’t forget, Pastor Warren gave the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration. His denouncement of the contraceptive mandate is huge.


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