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  • Big Blue Wave shares video of the firebombing of a Catholic, pro-life school bus in Rockford, Illinois. Some speculate that this act of pro-choice violence is in response to the recent closing of an abortion facility in the city as well as an attack on the Catholic faith:


  • Mark Crutcher chastises the GOP for not having the stomach for the pro-life fight as evidenced by the stalling of the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio:

    In the final analysis, the Democrats are almost always wrong on moral issues and will fight to the death for them, while the Republicans are generally right on moral issues but don’t care about them.

    The result is that, in the cultural civil war currently being waged for the soul and future of our country, the political battle often comes down to a contest between those who lack character and those who lack courage.

  • Live Action responds to the absurd pro-choice claim that men should have no voice on the abortion issue.
  • Accepting Abundance supports the Catholic Bishops’ recent inspection of Girl Scouts USA and asks, “Do the Girl Scouts really help girls?” Furtherance of education and workplace “success” are emphasized in GSUSA, while motherhood and homemaking – which were once part of merit badge earnings – are altogether ignored.

  • Mommy Life shares the story of a father of seven (pictured right) who gave his own life to rescue his son, who has Down syndrome, from a septic tank. While most children with DS do not live to see their father’s faces due to eugenic abortion, this son had a father who understood the meaning of a father’s sacrificial love.
  • Americans United for Life waits with the rest of the nation to hear the results of the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. They explain why only a total wipeout of the healthcare law would be good news for the pro-life community.
  • Coming Home discusses Live Action’s sex-selection sting videos and the pro-choice appeals to bodily autonomy, even in the face of blatant gender discrimination.
  • American Life League notes the mainstream media’s usual inaccurate reporting on contraception and emergency contraception:

    You see the pattern: When scientific studies point to a danger from contraception and/or abortion, those studies are ignored, or hidden on the inside pages. When studies suggest the pill is safe, that’s front-page news. The mainstream media are determined to give you all the news you need to know, and what you “need to know” is that contraception is safe — whether or not that’s true.

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