Unfortunately “kids” today… have been told since before puberty that *everyone* has sex and it is impossible to abstain and anyone who tries will only be utterly miserable, unnatural, and socially stunted until they give up and break down and end up having sex “unsafely” because they didn’t plan for the eventual *necessity* of sex.

That’s why they have such an entitlement mentality towards birth control as a necessary “health care,” because they bought the lie they have been fed that expecting someone to forgo their sexual impulses is tantamount to cruel and unusual torture.

But since they *also* bought the lie that you shouldn’t get married until *at least* 25 and probably shouldn’t have kids until 30 or 35, birth control becomes as necessary for their “well being” as insulin to a diabetic or nitro to a heart patient.

~ Commenter Jespren, on Stanek post “Pro-life video of the day: Contraception question stumps Obama fans,” August 10

[Graphic via sodahead.com]

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