The pink, sparkly ballet shoe [pictured above] was hurled towards David Bereit, one of America’s most outspoken anti-abortion advocates, on Saturday night…

The shoe’s owner, Megan Clement-Couzner [pictured below left] – who belongs to the Sydney based feminist group “F Collective” – said the “symbolic” attack was to interrupt Mr. Bereit and had been modelled on the [President George] Bush attack

The women threw pink glitter around the room, also known as “glitter bombing”, to symbolise how similar anti-abortion politics were to “anti-queer” politics.

The song F— the pain away by feminist musician Peaches was also played as the protesters linked arms and yelled: “This is for all the women who’ve died in backyard abortions.”

~ Article in The Sydney Morning Herald, September 5, describing the chaotic scene at a pro-life conference held in Sydney, Australia, during a presentation by 40 Days for Life National Director David Bereit

[HT: Shawn; photos via The Sydney Morning Herald]

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