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  • Live Action says a settlement has been reached in the case of an Ohio Planned Parenthood which failed to report the repeated sexual abuse of a minor girl by her own father – even after she reported that he had fathered the child she was aborting.
  • Culture Campaign reports the sad news that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists “now recommends that post-pubescent girls be made unable to conceive using IUD or implanted birth control because children do poorly at managing other contraceptives that rely on proper usage.”

  • Big Blue Wave links to an interview with Martin Hudá?ek, creator of the sculpture (pictured left) entitled, “The Child Who Was Never Born.”
  • Megan of Life Training Institute reinforces the fact that despite what some groups may claim, there really is no middle ground on abortion:

    For the sake of clear thinking and decision making, we need to carefully consider the rhetoric and make some important distinctions. What is meant by the term “abortion?” What are the issues that touch the abortion issue? Are there limits out of which we must not step? What is the most human response?

    Philosopher Christopher Kaczor defines abortion this way: “Properly speaking, abortion is the intentional killing of a human fetus.”

    His terms are carefully chosen and scientifically accurate. Working with this definition, either abortion is morally permissible, or it is not.

  • FRC Blog comments on the impact same sex divorce has on the children brought into the arrangement via “adoption, artificial reproductive technology, or one partner’s previous heterosexual relationship. When the relationship breaks up, who has a claim to the child: biological parent, donor or surrogate, or adoptive same-sex partner? What about the same-sex partner who never adopted the child because the other biological parent would not release his or her rights – or the partner’s new boyfriend or girlfriend, who is helping raise the child?”

  • Ethika Politika takes exception to bumper sticker slogans (like the one at right) which assert that politics and religion should remain separate:

    The two main (assumed) premises of the bumper sticker don’t stand up to scrutiny. First, if religion stayed out of government, then political life would rarely, if ever, actually lead to violence. It doesn’t take an extensive study of history for more than 30 seconds to realize that this attitude is simply not the case: government and ideology can do quite a fine job on their own compeling [sic] the state to act in a violent manner towards the world. The second is that the mixture of religion and politics leads to people burning at the stake. Or at the least, nothing good comes of that. Ponder that on Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

  • Stacey of Accepting Abundance writes about “life after 40,” sharing the news that she is expecting another child. Her philosophy? “If I can still have babies… then I can still have babies.”

  • David Bereit of 40 Days for Life comments on the disruption and subsequent protests that occurred at his speaking engagement in Australia:

    While I was a bit surprised by the sudden barrage, I was saddened more than anything else. As I looked at the anger and hatred in the eyes of these young people, I realized that some of them had probably experienced the pain of abortion in their own lives.

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