OttoThese challenges have made me bitter. Bitter about the fact that I’m consistently denied my right to do or say anything about these issues. But bitter has made me want to speak louder, it has made me want to talk about it more, listen to people’s stories, strategize, obsess, and do something about it. And as I’ve come to obsess about this, I’ve gained a bit of a reputation.

I am that girl. The girl that drives around in the bright blue car covered in liberal bumper stickers that has been dubbed by some as the “dykemobile.” The girl that always talks about that “reproductive justice” stuff. That girl that knows everything about sex. The girl you go to, and you send your friends to, for any question you may have about sex.

~ Catholic University Students for Choice co-founder Callie Otto (pictured) bemoaning the difficulty of being a radical feminist at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., Choice USA, February 20

Photo via Callie Otto’s Twitter account

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