ap489865548864_s640x451UPDATE 4/26, 11:00p: So much for not wanting to be filmed. Obama’s speech to Planned Parenthood will be live streamed this morning, to begin at 11:20a, here.

We also now know the Planned Parenthood event is being held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C., according to The Christian Post.

[HT: Kristina at CRC Public Relations and Mallory at Susan B. Anthony List]

4/24, 4:21p In a perfect pro-abortion world, the White House would proudly boast of President Obama’s plans to keynote a Planned Parenthood Federation of America event.

Particularly after his 2012 War on Women conquest, Obama should relish the opportunity to take a victory lap with his pro-abortion bff, PP CEO Cecile Richards, and all that Planned Parenthood stands for – contraception, abortion, and reproductive FREEEEDOM! (imagining that as Braveheart would say it).

But as quickly as the White House let slip that Obama would be attending Planned Parenthood’s annual gala tomorrow, it has retreated. Reported the Washington Times today:

President Obama has canceled plans to deliver a keynote address at Planned Parenthood’s annual fundraising dinner Thursday night after critics decried his high-profile role at the abortion rights group amid new concerns about the brutality of illegal forms of abortion.

White House spokesman Jay Carney… attributed the schedule change to Mr. Obama’s desire to spend more time at a memorial service in Waco, Texas, for family members of the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion.

Mr. Carney said the president will still address Planned Parenthood and its supporters Friday morning. Still, the shift to a lower-profile address at a more low-key morning event, rather than an evening gala fundraiser, is significant.

Earlier this week, abortion opponents pressed Mr. Obama to rescind his agreement to speak at the Planned Parenthood fundraiser, considering the gruesome revelations emanating from the trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

An interesting side note is it has been impossible thus far to find out where the Planned Parenthood event is actually being held. All PP will say is it’s in Washington, DC, somewhere. Our people have been calling reporter friends, etc., and no one seems to know.

obamappSince Obama is now speaking Friday morning, this must be some sort of conference and not just a one-night stand for “supporters and national and local leaders from across the country,” as the PP press release portrays attendees.

This shroud of secrecy is another sign pro-lifers are having a negative impact on PP. PP appears to be trying to stave off our protesters, and/or President Obama prefers not to give us any more video or photo opps.

This is not a good news cycle to be pro-abortion, and particularly to be associated with Planned Parenthood, since a PP lobbyist recently indicated infanticide is a-okay, and a PP affiliate CEO let slip PP knew all about mass murdering abortionist Kermit Gosnell but did not report him. Of course, Obama is vulnerable on Gosnell as well.

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