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    Today, some Kermit Gosnell verdict reactions:

  • At Live Action News, Kristen Hatten questions whether people will “turn off the TV and think, ‘Well, that Gosnell guy was doing abortions the wrong way, but he’s been caught. The system works, and most abortions aren’t like that anyway.’ Are they going to snuggle down in their beds feeling like the one bad guy has been caught, and remain pro-choice?”
  • Big Blue Wave is furious at the pro-choice side’s reaction to the guilty verdict – which is, naturally, to blame pro-lifers for Gosnell’s existence.


  • Former abortion worker Abby Johnson (pictured left) urges compassion, saying of Gosnell, “That was me”:

    It was Christ who changed me. It was the merciful and compassionate words of His people. It was no condemnation. It was not prayers that I would burn in hell. It was not those who yelled and called me names. It was the words of people… who prayed that I would, one day, walk out of that clinic….

    Don’t we want that for every abortion clinic worker and abortion provider? Don’t we want that for Kermit Gosnell?

  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal says that though Gosnell was found guilty, abortion remains an embedded part of American society:

    If the murder of these babies is indeed regarded as first degree murder because of their location, then their abortions would have been no less an act of murder five minutes earlier when inside their mothers.

    If Gosnell is put to death by the state it will not be for taking these babies’ lives at the developmental stages when they were killed. No, Gosnell will be put to death for not following medical protocol as dictated by law, namely failing to call 911 and to keep the baby alive because it couldn’t be murdered in a place prescribed by law.

  • Down on the Pharm says the trial is “hugely significant,” mainly “for having been ignored by the media, most of which only began covering the issue when forced to by its repetition in the social media.”
  • Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life says abortionists seem to be confused on the issue of rights, not unlike President Obama:

    The guilty verdict on charges of killing babies following abortion shows that the law recognizes a point at which the “right to choose” must yield to the right to life, and also shows that abortionists don’t know where that point is. Such laws must be strengthened in every state.

  • AUL’s Charmaine Yoest appeared on Fox News’ Special Report following the Gosnell guilty verdict on Monday:

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