I ended up spending most of yesterday on Twitter, relaying information to and from the Texas State Capitol. There the Senate was debating an omnibus pro-life bill, which eventually passed and is on its way to Governor Rick Perry for his anticipated signature.

The bill includes a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, when babies are known to feel pain, a requirement that abortion clinics upgrade to standards of Ambulatory Surgical Clinics, a requirement that abortion clinics follow FDA guidelines for administering the abortion pill and also that a doctor actually give the pill, and that abortionists have privileges at nearby hospitals.

It all sounds straightforward enough. But abortion proponents, claiming the new law would close all but 5 of the state’s 47 abortion clinics, riled their masses, and the situation became raucous, to say the least.

As the vote drew near, our Students for Life of America group reported being asked by police to hold up in a representative’s office for their own safety….

Hughes Office 2

Here is eery video taken by Stand True’s Bryan Kemper toward the end of the night. It certainly sounds demonic to me…


This should come as no surprise. Last week abortion proponents were caught on tape chanting “Hail, satan,” in response to a post-abortive mother’s testimony. This battle is much larger than what we see. Yesterday more blasphemous signs were spotted, so vulgar I can’t print them.  Here’s one I can print but which made me very sad. This girl, pictured with Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, has no idea how lucky she is to be alive….


The people we are dealing with are blind or misled. The spiritual forces we are dealing with are the darkest out there. We must remember to keep the two opponents separate, praying for the first and praying against the second.

Robin Marty of RH Reality Check told me, “I do think there has been a significant shift…. There is a sense that abortion access could be changed forever.”

I think what we saw played out in Texas, including a propensity on the other side to throw feces and urine, is a sense of abortion doom. They realize they’re losing the unfettered freedom to kill preborn children.

Your thoughts on it all?

[Top photo via yahoo.com]

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