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Back in the day abortion proponents had all the mojo and pro-lifers were on the defensive. The photo above, via PBS, is of pro-abortion rally demanding a repeal of pro-life laws in Washington, D.C.,  circa 1971.

At the same time, feminists were pushing the Equal Rights Amendment in all 50 states. The photo below, via illinois.gov, is of feminists writing the names of ERA opponents in pigs’ blood on the floor of the Illinois State Capitol on June 24, 1982…


I take this little trip down memory lane to justapose the pro-abortion protests of yesteryear with those we see today.

And while the aggression has certainly not abated, as was on display in Texas last week…


… the other side is no longer screaming from a position of strength but from a place of weakness. Notice that pro-abort outbursts these days are aimed at (usually vain) attempts to stop pro-life advances. We saw this in Virginia last year regarding a bill, eventually signed into law, requiring ultrasounds before abortions…


In Ohio just a couple days ago abortion proponents unsuccessfully tried to gather steam to stop Governor Kasich from signing a wide-ranging pro-life bill…

Reproductive Rights Activists Protest Outside Romney DC Fundraiser

Then there’s North Dakota, where abortion protesters failed to stop four pro-life laws from being enacted this past March…


I could go on.

That is not to claim the situation is rosy. Most pro-life laws are sued and tangled up in court for years, and many are eventually overturned. Obamacare is a dangerous affront on many levels. But even in the pro-abort bastion of New York, a rarely seen pro-abortion bill just failed.

These days pro-aborts, having belatedly realized the right to abortion is being fractured in the states, are busy scrambling from capitol to capitol to try and stop us – a drain on their energy and resources, which also keeps them from making mischief.

Furthermore, how much of their fomenting is genuinely organic, and how much is manufactured, boughten, or coerced? Just before they removed it, Operation Rescue grabbed a screen shot today of an ad on Craig’s List by a leftist group trying to hire agitators for Austin. Planned Parenthood certainly has ordered its paid clinic staff from around the state to go to Austin. PP CEO Cecile Richards is married to the international executive VP of SEIU. It is not unreasonable to think she has tapped into her union and Democrat sources to get screaming bodies out.

I asked Joe Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League, who has been in the trenches since the early days, how he saw the lay of the land.

“With public opinion trending toward pro-life, with the explosion of legislation regulation abortion, and recent exposes on the horrific conditions in some of the abortion clinics, along with Planned Parenthood’s blatant deception, abortion proponents are in aggressive damage control mode,” Joe responded via email. “Not since the mid-90’s have we seen this kind of fear from the abortion crowd. Clearly they perceive us as effective.”

[Third and fourth photos via USA Today; fifth photo via thegloss.com; sixth photo via the Associated Press]

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