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  • Operation Rescue says LeRoy Carhart has sent yet another patient to the hospital following a late-term abortion at Germantown Reproductive Health Services. Recall that the Maryland Board of Physicians refused to discipline Carhart in the abortion death of Jennifer Morbelli in February:

    For the third time this year, one of LeRoy Carhart’s abortion patients were [sic] rushed to Shady Grove Hospital (SGH) in Maryland for emergency treatment after a late-term abortion.

    On Tuesday at 11:45 a.m., an ambulance arrived… and loaded a women for transport to the SGH emergency room. Sources inform Operation Rescue that the women underwent emergency surgery at the hospital.

    Video [below] taken by a local pro-life activist showed a woman covered head-to-toe in a sheet and that neither Carhart nor any of his staff accompanied the injured woman from the clinic to the ambulance.


  • ProLifeBlogs links to a post from Leaven for the Loaf, which shows that abortion proponents in Congress have apparently learned nothing about what results from a lack of abortion regulations:

    New Hampshire’s senior Senator Jeanne Shaheen and 2nd District Congresswoman Ann Kuster are co-sponsors of legislation introduced in Washington earlier this month that would wipe out all abortion regulations in every state, including those recommending parental involvement and restricting late-term abortions.


  • A Voice for Hope shares a sobering graphic on the impact of abortion, from Personhood USA (left; click to enlarge).
  • At Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone addresses pro-choicers who think themselves religious:

    Some abortion advocates call themselves “Prayerfully pro-choice.” The implication here is that they have consulted God about a procedure that dismembers little babies, and have found it to be OK. This is using faith against reason.

  • Right to Life of Michigan is thankful for many pro-life accomplishments in their state:

    Together our accomplishments have changed hearts and brought hope to our state.

    In 2013, five Michigan abortion businesses closed their doors. We have helped close 10 abortion businesses in the last 23 months. Back in the late 1980’s, there were approximately 72 free-standing abortion clinics operating in our state. Today, only 28 remain.

    We are very close to “opting out” of mandatory abortion provisions found in the Affordable Care Act. Together we collected more than 316,000 signatures to initiate the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act….

    And many more.

  • ProLifeNZ says pro-choicers failed in their attempts to stop a pro-life television ad on the grounds that the post-abortive woman’s story featured in the ad might cause others to experience “duress” or might be “misleading” because it was not “representative of all women’s experience after undergoing the procedure.” See the video below:


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