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  • Big Blue Wave says a new study acknowledges that “widespread and increased availability of oral emergency contraception over the past 10-14 years has made little difference to rates of unintended pregnancy, abortion and repeat abortion amongst teenagers.” However, the conclusion from this is that teens must now try another form of birth control – the IUD.


  • Culture Campaign reports that “in his 2015 budget proposal to Congress, President Obama has eliminated grants for abstinence education funding.” And who would applaud this action more than the “non-partisan” abortion pimp Planned Parenthood, which benefits heavily from taxpayer dollars? The group’s president, Cecile Richards reacted, saying, “We are pleased that the budget eliminates funding for abstinence-only sex education…. We look forward to working with Congress to see [the president’s alternative sex education] investments protected.”

    Yes, Cecile. We have no doubt that you do.

  • The Leading Edge has a good article about why parents should be the providers of sex education for their children – not schools:

    Late last week the issue of sex education made national headlines after it was revealed that a New Zealand primary school had held a sex education class for “eleven, 12 and 13 year olds where students were told about oral and anal sex, flavoured condoms, and pleasure points” – despite parents being told in writing beforehand that pupils would only be taught the basics.

    These are the basics?

  • Josh Brahm describes the human atrocities – including forced abortion and infantide – occurring in North Korea, and challenges pro-lifers to use these stories in the right way:

    How would I use this story in a conversation with a pro-abortion-choice advocate?… If a moral relativist says he doesn’t like this story, I’m going to ask…: “When you say you don’t like the sound of infanticide being performed that way, are you describing your personal feelings about it or are you describing the act itself?” Those are not the same thing. When I say that “rape is wrong,” I’m describing the act itself, not just how I feel about rape.

    I’ve found that, while it can be very difficult to make headway with some relativists, telling stories about horrific atrocities like this can shock them out of that apathy, so that their conscience can trigger them into seeing what they should have seen all along: Some things are objectively wrong.


  • At Life Training Institute, Clinton Wilcox challenges an article written by Jon Speed of Babies Are Murdered Here documentary fame, in which he criticizes 40 Days for Life, claiming it opposes the preaching of the Gospel at its events and is therefore not a Christian organization:

    The pro-life movement will never succeed as long as there are extremists who are trying to drive a wedge into the pro-life movement, dividing us, and playing into the hands of the pro-choice movement by embodying all of their stereotypes (that pro-life people are only interested in condemning women for having abortions, that they are just belligerent loudmouths, and that abortion is a religious issue). We need a better way to operate, and we need to be united.

  • Clinic Quotes shares a quote which states “amniocentesis is frequently done to identify Down syndrome children so parents have the option of abortion. The risk of miscarriage as a result of amniocentesis is almost exactly the same as the risk for Down syndrome.”
  • At Live Action, Isaac Latterell notes an animal protection bill that passed the South Dakota Senate without opposition, and wonders why humans can’t seem to extend such protections to preborn humans:

    Last week, SB 46 passed unanimously…. It is a bill that would make it a felony to “intentionally, willfully, and maliciously inflict gross physical abuse on an animal that causes prolonged pain, that causes serious physical injury, or that results in the death of the animal.”…

    It saddens me to have to write about this. But I will not sit silently by as our children’s lives are devalued to a place lower than dogs. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

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