Young woman sitting in a waiting room holding a magazineDr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society related a pretty incredible story, as posted on It’s a heart-pounding but uplifting read. Excerpts…

Alicia had a terrible feeling that Maria intended to go through with the abortion. Alicia made a decision.  “I knew I had to go to the Planned Parenthood clinic myself and try and intercept Maria.” But Alicia did not know what Maria looked like.  Only Iris knew. 

After entering Alicia saw a reception window. She explains: “I was afraid some of the PP workers were going to ask me what I was there for.  And someone did. I quickly answered “I am just here to wait for someone.” I was allowed to go to the waiting room….

Iris kept a look-out to see if Maria would arrive. Just before 2:15 Maria drove into the PP lot.  Indeed, she had come for her scheduled abortion!

Iris immediately called Alicia.  “Maria just arrived - she’s walking into the clinic now. She’s wearing a blue jacket.”

A few moments later Maria entered the waiting room carrying a clip board with medical forms to fill out.  She sat down.  Alicia got up from her seat, walked across the room and took the seat next to Maria.  She turned to her and addressing her in Spanish said:  “Hello Maria - I am Alicia.”

Maria stared at Alicia completely stunned.  She could not believe that the woman who had tried to talk her out of killing her baby the day before [by telephone] was now sitting in the PP waiting room! It was obvious that Alicia had come to get her out.  Maria put down the clip board and said “Let’s get out of here now before I change my mind!”

What a great ending to a death-defying story. I don’t know if I could have done what Alicia did.

Yet, I think about standing up to the powers that be at Christ Hospital, and many people tell me they couldn’t have done that. But it was only last week that chicken me became bold enough to wear an anti-abortion t-shirt in public!

I can’t explain what triggers courage and boldness in the moment.

Created Equal anti-abortion drop cardSometimes the moments are smaller than we think… like the first time I held a poster featuring the image of an aborted baby or left an anti-abortion dropcard in a women’s restroom stall. The first move is always the hardest.

Nevertheless, these simple actions are still more than most of the people who call themselves pro-life would take.

Have you had such a moment?

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