Planned Parenthood "Born After Roe" pro-abortion anti-pro-life eventLast night Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota held a “Born After Roe Advocacy Salon” on the topic of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

As near as I can tell, this is the fifth “Born After Roe” event this affiliate has held, aimed at “Planned Parenthood’s Next Generation.”

It has gone so far as to create a #bornafterroe Twitter hashtag, a dare to pro-life tweeters, really.

Planned Parenthood’s audacity is, of course, breathtaking to pro-lifers, who know it as the United States’ largest abortion provider, which has now profited from killing at least six million of the “next generation… born after Roe.”

Yet this attempt to woo those who it failed to murder before they were born exposes the abortion industry’s desperation to surmount its biggest problem: a youth replacement dearth.

Abortion advocates have at least two obstacles in this regard.

Abortion attrition

First, they have already killed many of those who would  have had a natural affinity to carry the torch – children born to like-minded parent(s). As ABC reported in “The political fertility gap” in 2006:

“The political right is having a lot more kids than the political left,” Syracuse University professor Arthur Brooks says. “The gap is actually 41%.”…

Studying numbers from the General Social Survey – a government survey of social trends – Brooks found that 100 unrelated liberal adults have 147 children, while 100 unrelated conservatives have 208 kids.

That makes a difference, Brooks says, because “80 percent of people that express a political party preference are voting like their folks.”

Hence, more Republicans….

Nevertheless, conservatives such as pollster Kellyanne Conway relished this theory about depleted Democrats.

“They’re for abortion policy, they’re for same-sex marriage, they’re for many of the agenda items that eventually mean you probably don’t have children in the household,” Conway said.

Similarly, a paper entitled, “Demographic Determinants of Trends in Public Opinion about Abortion in the United States,” prepared for the Population Association of America in 2012, found the fertility gap to be 27% when analyzing GSS statistics from 1976-2010 specifically on abortion supporters vs. abortion opponents.

It’s all so obvious.

Paying Planned Parenthood to kill *and* abuse

The second problem Planned Parenthood, et al, face is trying to entice supporters they once tried to murder.

Only the truly ignorant would agree to befriend the same people who stood ready and willing to accept payment to kill them. And I mean “ignorant” in the best sense of the word – those who haven’t thought it through.

Planned Parenthood trades cheap sex for the real deal, fix is abortionOne reason ignorant youth haven’t thought it through is because the abortion industry has tried to throw the scent off the trail by (often successfully) enticing them to trade cheap, promiscuous sex for the real deal.

Then they offer a variety of pre-conceptive and post-conceptive fixes for mistakes, up to the ultimate, abortion – all of which they profit from. Talk about audacious. They’re asking kids to not only love the paid assassins who missed them but pay the same people to now hurt them.

The pro-life movement’s job is not only to stop abortion but attempt to correct the destructive sexual behavior that leads to abortion.

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