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  • Wesley J. Smith responds to an article in The Atlantic, which blames one million missing Black voters on a higher mortality rate among the Black population. Smith reminds them of another reason:

    But if you really want to find the source of missing African-American voters, it is estimated that more than 10 million African-American babies werenít born because of abortion. If you really want to find missing black voters, thatís where I think the finger should be pointed. Because of Roe v. Wade, and what some believe to be the targeting of African-Americans by the abortion industry, there are millions of black voters who never had a chance to cast a ballot.

  • New Feminism encourages pro-lifers to join the Stop Surrogacy Now movement, which launched this week and is meant to “bring[] together a worldwide, ethnically, religiously, and culturally diverse group opposed to the exploitation of women and the human trafficking of children through surrogacy.Ē


  • At Pro-Life Action League, John Jansen writes about the longtime woes of Albany Medical Surgical Center in Chicago, which was recently fined $50,000 for safety violations and had their license revoked. 41 years ago, the facility had similar trouble and was closed by the state. The difference, however, is that the state took quick action the first time these violations occurred. Today, the wheels of justice turn much more slowly for abortion businesses like Albany:

    There are two important takeaways from this story. The first is that there is nothing new about abortion clinics showing utter contempt for the law. It happened then, and itís been happening ever since.

    But take note also of how swiftly authorities took action at that time once they learned that the Albany facility was operating outside the law. No second chances, no protracted appeals process. Just two options: close, or go to jail.

  • At ProWomanProLife, Faye Sonier writes an open letter to the pro-choice protester who decided to go topless at Canada’s March for Life in support of abortion. Sonia wonders what she thought she was accomplishing:

    Toplessness isnít shocking anymore, and for a few reasons. First, probably more than half of the March participants are women. They have their own breasts. They arenít surprised by another pair. Your bare breasts do nothing to persuade them to adopt a pro-choice position.

  • The Survivors discuss three popular reasons used to justify abortion, addressing the misperception that abortion is medical treatment.
  • At Secular Pro-Life, Kasey Jackson discusses the need for pro-life artists in our culture whose work will advance the pro-life movement similar to how Harriet Beecher Stoweís book sparked the war to end slavery. She writes:

    … [O]ne day, there will be an Uncle Tomís Cabin for this movement. Itís just too important of a cause for there to NOT be a piece of artwork that eventually inspires a huge paradigm shift….

    But donít ever stop using your artistic gifts to inspire the change that you want to see in the world Ė even if the majority of those that agree with you pick apart your work and seem that they couldnít care less about being inspired.

    For every revolution, there are artists that sparked flames in the hearts of the revolutionaries. And whoís to say that yours canít be the voice to strike the match?

  • Reflections of a Paralytic features an interview between The Center for Bioethics and Culture president Jennifer Lahl, and Jessica Kern, born via surrogacy. Voices like Jessica’s need to be heard and are too often ignored over the wishes of the parents, with no consideration for how the child may feel in the future about his or her beginnings:


[Image via Pro-Life Action League]

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