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On the blogs and elsewhere today…

  • Forest Nymph reports a young disabled woman in Milan may be dehydrated to death. She has been in a coma for 16 years, and her father thinks it’s high time to pull her feeding tube.
  • Additionally, Nymph links to a CNS News article reporting “Black Churches Gather to Promote ‘Reproductive Choice'” at Howard University in DC

    [Baptist Pastor Carlton W.] Veazey said he disagrees with statistics cited by black church leaders who oppose abortion, which say that African-Americans represent 13% of the U.S. population, but 36% of the abortions performed annually.

    Rejecting these statistics, Veazy is apparently exercising his right to choose to ignore truth?

  • In other news, Planned Parenthood is shutting down its Huntsville, AL office. An interesting response on the American Life League blog:

    Back in 2007, this facility stopped committing medical and surgical abortions, and now it is completely closed. This leaves AL with only two PP facilities.
    PP claims that there wasn’t enough public funding to keep it open….
    Last year, it received $336,700,000 from taxpayers, but what else would PP say about a clinic closure? It certainly wouldn’t give any credit to the active pro-lifers who were out in front of the clinic protesting and witnessing every week!

  • Finally, Monica Miller, Citizens for a Pro-LIfe Society director, sent an update to a previous post by Jill:

    Today I received notice… that our video of… abortion clinic bio-hazard waste and the remains of the aborted babies found in their trash dumpster has been removed from YouTube!

    no longer available.jpg

    This was a movie CPLS took on the evening of April 12, 2008, as we searched through the trash dumpster of the Women’s Advisory abortion clinic located in Livonia, MI. This is a very important pro-life video because it showed the TRUTH about abortion in a way no other abortion-related video has ever done.
    YouTube said the video was removed because it violated their “community guidelines.” No other explanation was given. I emailed You Tube and requested an explanation. My hunch is that the video was removed because it shows the actual remains of the aborted babies (just as we took them out of the trash dumpster bags!) or pro-abortionists complained and You Tube complied with their wishes. I await a reply!! For now, our Hodari Dumpster Scandal video is still mounted!

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