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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • ProWomanProLife’s Andrea Mrozek notes a NY Times parenting blog in which a 22-year-old mother chooses to abort. The mental gymnastics exemplified in the “parenting” blog are astounding. Mrozek states…

    This young girl is in tears over how attached she is to the zygote, but somehow manages to justify her decision to abort it extremely easily (“everyone is telling me that being a mom will suck at first but then it will be wonderful. What if it’s not? I want to do something I enjoy for a change, something for me!”). Attached to the zygote? But able to abort? Really? Maybe her story is a good example of why women experience poor mental health as the result of an abortion….
    Now I was raised by tough and courageous parents, who moved across the ocean to escape an immoral regime. Maybe that’s why I find I’m often short on the sympathy file. If you claim to want to do the right thing, then just do it. Don’t write long meandering tracts on how you wanted to but couldn’t possibly be brave….
    You know what I’m sorry about?… I’m sorry a person can be so spineless as to kill her child in favor of a Master’s degree [a]nd then claim “it was the right thing to do” to the nodding affirmation of New York Times types.


  • Parenting Freedom mentions a Life Site News article regarding a plan to allow parents in Ontario to leave their 4-and 5-year-old children in the care of schools from 7:30 am until 6 pm every weekday. The article states:

    Chair of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Lynn Scott, said the implications of the program are not yet known, but said she is pleased the report has finally been released.
    “I think some parents will certainly welcome it. I’m not sure that’s true of all parents,” she told the Ottawa Citizen, and added that acceptance of the program “will depend on how much importance people place on parents interacting with their young children.”

  • Albert Mohler comments on fatherhood in today’s culture:

    The marginalization of fatherhood can be traced to many developments, but one prime source of this marginalization is the intellectual class and its radical commitment to ideological feminism…..
    Fatherhood has been marginalized in the society at large, and even the biological contribution of a father can now be replaced by a mere “donor” from a sperm bank or a fertility clinic.

    He also references a National Review article which comments on 5 myths surrounding fathers and family:

  • The ‘Mr. Mom’ surge
  • Women want everything 50-50
  • Marriage is just a piece of paper
  • The kids are alright
  • Dad is dispensable
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