New study: Preborn babies remember

From the Washington Times July 16:

The unborn have memories, according to medical researchers who used sound and vibration stimulation, combined with sonography, to reveal that the human fetus displays short-term memory from at least 30 weeks gestation – or about 2 months before they are born….
A call to NARAL Pro-Choice America for comment on the implications of the research was not returned….

ABC News added:

The study found that by 30 weeks of age, a fetus could “remember” a sound for 10 minutes. By the 34th week a fetus may be able to “remember” the sound for 4 weeks.

Of course there is an abortion implication. Not only does this study accentuate the humanity of preborn babies, we know late-term abortions of babies this age happen.
Newsbusters caught ABC’s Good Morning America veering close but edging away:

Reporter Sharyn Alfonsi’s July 15 segment covered the pivotal study without even mentioning abortion. Anchor Chris Cuomo attempted to broach the issue during a follow-up interview but fell short.
Alfonsi touted the study, “Day by day, a fetus goes through remarkable changes. By 30 weeks, opening and closing their eyes. Making facial expressions. And now, a new study reveals, forming memories. Yep, barely 3 pounds, but already able to remember….”

late term abortion.jpg

During an interview with child psychologist Rahil Briggs, Cuomo somewhat obliquely approached the findings’ implications for the abortion debate. He said, “And, you know, it seems like the more we learn about fetuses, the more confidence we have that they are capable of things earlier and earlier. You know, when life, when sustainable life, begins is a big question in our society. This sheds light on it.
Rahil, however, disagreed- or didn’t want to address “sustainable life”- and stated, “I’m not sure that it sheds light on when sustainable life begins….”
Left unsaid – what do the findings mean within the context of late-term abortion? According to the Family Research Council, “late-term” refers to abortions occurring during the 28th through 39th weeks of pregnancy, or the 3rd trimester. In 2005 over 15k abortions occurred past the 20-week mark in the pregnancy….
The memory study, Alfonsi said, “is proof that we need to be more careful about what experiences we expose babies to in the womb.” Like the experience of, say, murder?

Here’s that whole segment:

[HT: Phil Magnan; ultrasound photo attribution:]

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  1. This discovery goes along with the recent study about music like lullabies being played for babies in the womb and then after they are born.

  2. This reminds me of studies I’ve heard of, where babies in utero can have an innate sense of danger from scars of a previous abortion on the walls of the womb. I’ve also heard of surviving twins who remember the trauma of a past abortion that killed their sibling when going through counseling. They claim that they always felt there was another soul that should have been growing up with them… in other words someone was missing.
    Just me pondering here… if babies in utero can sense danger in a scarred uterus (I believe in Hebrew the word “uterus” means compassion)& they undergo stress during the pregnancy process, could that be a cause for learning or behavioral problems later?

  3. This doesn’t matter to the Dead Babies R Us crowd, if the “mother” wants a dead baby she deserves to get one. The research has documented for years that a newborn recognizes his mother’s voice. When the mother’s voice is played with other women’s voices, the newborn’s activity level changes dramatically indicating recognition and paying more attention to his mother’s voice than to the other women’s voices. That is why women are encouraged to talk, sing to and read to their babies in utero and after birth to encourage bonding and brain development. Works for pre-born and born babies as well, sorry to break the pro-aborts bubble who have tried for years to convince women babies don’t feel or know anything going on. Guess it makes it easier to kill them. Talk about sick!

  4. Not only does this study accentuate the humanity of preborn babies, we know late-term abortions of babies this age happen.
    Yeah, like when the fetus has no brain, or no face, or is already dead and rotting in the womb.

  5. This reminds me of studies I’ve heard of, where babies in utero can have an innate sense of danger from scars of a previous abortion on the walls of the womb.
    LOL!! That is quite possibly the nuttiest thing I’ve ever read here, and that’s saying something.

  6. In the 1980’s there was an article in our local newspaper about a physician in California who had developed some techniques for the intellectual stimulation of children in uteror.
    Dr. Rene Van De Carr called his program ‘pre-natal university’. I spoke with home on the phone and to my surprise Van De Carr had made no connection between his reseach and findings and the ‘abortion’ debate.
    His interest was purely professional and academic.
    Here is a link to a web site that gives a little information. If you Google his name, you will find more links.
    You should give him a call. It will broaden that narrow mind of yours and may be a first big step towards hearing the ‘pop’.
    yor bro ken

  7. It appears more and more every day that babies in the womb have better memory than I do. :|
    Someone needs to make baby-media. Music for babies in the womb about peace and love and all of that useful junk. :)

  8. There already is music for pre-born babies one CD is called “Love Chords” 1998 by Dr. Thomas Verny MD, author of the book “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child” (with John Kelly 1981)and “Nurturing the Unborn Child” (1991), an expert in Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology with classical music compiled by Sandra Collier that can help parents bond with their babies. From the booklet accompanying the CD it states “Congratulations! You’re going to have a baby! Your unborn child from the sixth month is a sensing, feeling, aware and remembering human being influenced by his/her environment.” This was established before 1998 when Dr. Verny worked on this project. Like I said you pro-aborts are sick!

  9. Derek Prince a pastor/teacher said that in the course of counseling he encountered many people who were plagued by ‘rejection’.
    One major common denominator he was able to identify is that they were conceived during the great depression.
    Even though their mother may have loved them deeply after they were birhted, she resented being pregnant again when already faced with the challenge of providing for the children she already had.
    Even infants who were offerred up for adoption to loving caring families who deeply ‘wanted’ them, experienced this sense of ‘rejection’, before they ever knew they were adopted.
    To people who reject the spiritual part of our being, this will make no sense. But to those of us who have experienced the demension beyond height, depth and width, this is no suprise.
    Humans ‘sense’ things beyond what is able to measured with scientific instruments.
    Humans who are sick and are prayed for, with or without their knowledge, fare better than those who are not prayed for.
    Even plants fare better when they are prayed for and blessed.
    yor bro ken

  10. That’s sad, Carla. :(
    I hate how society is allowed to dictate who gets rights, who doesn’t- who gets to be a person of value and who doesn’t. It’s frustrating.
    But I tried to think about unborn babies at concerts. It’s kind of funny to go to a “In Utero…In Concert” where all of these women are sitting around with headphones. :)

  11. Actually, I was the one who first pointed to this story in a comment here. I also correctly predicted that “reality” would veer off into more delusional ramblings to avoid the subject.

  12. I took my Maggie to go see TOOL when she was around 8 months gestation. I thought the song Parabola was perfect for the situation, although I had to sit further away from the stage than I would’ve liked because of the pregnancy thing. :)

  13. Less than a week before Alison (16) was born, we went to a Joe Satriani concert at the state fair. (Beautiful guitar music). Anyway, I had to go listen to the music in the bathroom because she was dancing so hard to the music in the hall!
    Also, Daddy loves a lot of classic rock, so she heard that a lot in utero. When we borrowed a car seat from the hospital (first time parents… we knew nothing!) it was uncomfortable and she cried almost the whole way home … until “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Stones came on. She was mesmerized and quiet during the song, and as soon as it was over she started crying again!
    I use a cd player with ear buds to play classical music and other music we enjoy to the babies before they are born, along with messages from different family members. Alison recognized my mother’s voice in the delivery room… she lifted her head and looked for her at birth.
    My kids include 2 pianists, a drummer and a guitarist (although all have had some piano and violin lessons as well). I think my five year old is leaning towards the cello (I would be thrilled… it’s a beautiful instrument.)

  14. I sang the lullaby “Golden Slumbers” to my son in the womb and as a newborn it was the lullaby he preferred..not Brahms lullaby which is more common. Babies are not mindless logs of cheese…they are human beings with feelings and awareness…maybe not as aware as a fullgrown adult but they are aware. They have preferences too!

  15. All this information about pre-born babies is wonderful Prolifers and as you can tell it has been researched and documented for years but as you can also tell the pro-aborts like Reality don’t care, that is why I think who ever came up with the phrase “Dead Babies R Us crowd” is a very appropriate title for them. They don’t care how “fearfully and wonderfully made” babies in utero are, how much they feel, taste, hear or remember, if a woman wants and expects a dead baby she deserves to get one no matter what. Even the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) is too lenient on living babies, like then IL. State Senator now President of the United States says it “puts too much of a burden on” the woman and the “so-called” doctor if the baby “accidentally” ends up actually ALIVE instead of dead. Pro-aborts will “fight to the death” (pun intended) to give women what they want the “right to choose” a dead baby, they say the right to a living baby as well but I think BAIPA proved the right to a dead baby trumps a living baby every time. God help this nation and this world that we have come to this.

  16. “Mindless logs of cheese”??? LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!
    That’s hilarious!!!
    I just had an ultrasound last week (around 11wks gestation) and the baby was sucking on fingers and bouncing all over the place. Lively little squirt. The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting the heart beat because Baby was so active. But something sad — she wasn’t even going to give me a picture because, in her words, “at this point it’s just a blob of baby anyway.” Huh? That “blob” was sucking on its fingers. Doesn’t sound very blob-like to me. I made her give me pictures for my hubby (he couldn’t be there to see for himself) but I was so confused. The woman is an ultrasound tech. She sees unborn babies and all their activities every day. How could she say that an 11-week fetus is a “blob”?? Made me wonder if she was pro-abortion because that’s such a strong part of the pro-abortion rhetoric.
    I have a somewhat happier story about my 2nd when he was still in utero. I was (I believe) early to mid 3rd trimester. I went in one day for a prenatal check and the OB got the doppler out to check his heartbeat. It was obvious where she should put it because he was all bunched up on the left side of my stomach (so much that my stomach was lopsided). She squirted some gel right over him and I guess it was too cold for him because he instantly LEPT over to the other side of my stomach and kicked his legs violently at the spot where the gel was. Guess he must have been asleep or something and was startled by the cold. It was hilarious to see my stomach “leap” with my son. I told the Dr. “Well, I guess he told YOU!” :-) But I can watch him now (age 20 months almost) and remember how he has been his whole life and say that it is SO in line with his personality. He’s very adamant about what he wants and if he doesn’t like something he’s not quiet at all about it.
    Unborn babies are so amazing and have so much personality. It’s really mind-boggling and wonderful.

  17. Oops, I think that should have been “LEAPT”. Yikes, my spelling must be rustier than I thought!

  18. My dad used to play “Reach out” by the Four Tops every morning (much to my mother’s chagrin) and, while I am not a big Motown fan, the song has been familiar to me throughout my whole life. More familiar even than songs which I have learned to play on the variety of musical instruments I play.

  19. army-wife,
    Thanks for sharing your stories! Isn’t is amazing how a baby can sense cold at early third trimester?
    It’s crazy that an ultrasound tech. would call a baby a blob, no matter WHAT the gestation. I would be tempted to call her boss to express my thoughts on the situation.

  20. Yeah, it was kind of outrageous (and somewhat offensive, although because I can’t stand political correctness I hate to say “you offended me, GASP!!”). But I don’t know if complaining to her boss would do any good. I guess her boss would be the doctor(?). The clinic where I had the exam was a freestanding (civilian, not military) women’s clinic where they offer both prenatal care and regular primary-care doctor’s visits. Heaven knows how they feel about abortion there. Perhaps I should switch back to the military OB/GYN facility when my husband reports to this post. The personnel at the military hospital might force pitocin on me during labor but at least they never call my baby a “blob”.

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