Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night, quite confident Nancy Pelosi will fix pro-aborts’ problems with healthcare when the bill bounces back from the Senate.

But Bart Stupak isn’t going away. From the Wall Street Journal this morning…

“We won because [the Democrats] need us,” says Mr. Stupak. “If they are going to summarily dismiss us by taking the pen to that language, there will be hell to pay. I don’t say it as a threat, but if they double-cross us, there will be 40 people who won’t vote with them the next time they need us – and that could be the final version of this bill.”

Tough talk, which Stupak has previously backed up, I think an apt response to harsh charges waged by Allahpundit yesterday at HotAir
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[B]ut does anyone seriously believe the pro-lifers will hold their ground and torpedo it if the abortion language is stripped out? For all the press he got in anti-abortion circles, Stupak himself was prepared to vote for this crap sandwich without the ban on funding abortion; all he wanted was a floor vote, which means all it cost Pelosi to pass the bill was some ephemeral unpleasantness in the caucus room.
The language will be duly dumped in conference committee and Stupak et al. will crumble under the weight of media heavy-breathing about how Democrats are now closer than they’ve ever been to passing the glorious utopian Great Society boondoggle of their dreams. They’ll fold like a 2-dollar chair.

In answer to my own question, I’m quite sure Stupak isn’t bluffing, so long as he can hold his coalition together. And he has so far and appears confident it will hold.
I’m not so sure about Cecile. She may honestly think Pelosi and Obama will pull this one out. She certainly knows things we don’t. But she’s gotta be nervous. There are many factors outside her control, as evidenced by passage of Stupak/Pitts.
So I tend to think Cecile’s putting on a good game face.