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  • Yesterday afternoon Americans United for Life Action issued a press release stating its Facebook page, Support Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad, cosponsored with, had “explode[d]” with “more than 200k people and is growing every second.” This morning that number is up to almost 225k.
  • Pro-life activist presence will be seen today at the Super Bowl via Operation Rescue, which has had its Truth Truck traversing Miami for some time pulling double duty…
  • The Truth Truck has been rolling throughout the Miami area for about a month in preparation for the Pro-Bowl and the Super Bowl, which are being held 1 week apart in the same venue for the first time in 30 years.
    “Our Truth Truck was seen last Sunday by the largest crowd ever to attend a Pro-Bowl football game. This Sunday, we have the opportunity to witness to even more people – literally hundreds of thousands – who will be especially curious about our message, given the Tebow controversy,” said [OR prez Troy] Newman.

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  • Pro-life connections abound in today’s Super Bowl game. Recall former NY Giants Superbowl QB champ Phil Simms, who will be a CBS game analyst for CBS today, made a strong statement for Life in a 1989 American Life League-sponsored pro-life video.
  •           In addition, reports:

    Clyde Christensen, the assistant head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, has his own potential abortion story that changed his life.
    Christensen’s mother was an unwed teenager who gave birth to him when she was 15….
    “I also can’t help but look back and think of how easily my life and thus generations to follow could have been snuffed out before it ever got started,” Christensen shared last year at a site for adopted people.
    “I can’t help but think of a 15-year-old, unwed, pregnant teen who made a courageous decision not to abort her child, but instead gave him a chance at life that over 50 million children since have not had. That child was me,” he said.

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    Christensen was adopted [adopting mom and Clyde pictured left], with his mother leaving specific instructions at the Los Angeles County Hospital to place her child in a Christian home or saying she would take Christensen back.
    He has still never met his birth mother – “but I am so grateful for her courage to have her child when it wasn’t and still isn’t to this day the choice of most.”

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  • In his February 6 guest column, “Tebow ad another reason pro-choice is losing,” Dr. Richard Land inadvertently responded to complaints that Focus on the Family could have spent its money in better ways than via media:
  • The “pro-choice” movement knows they are losing and that ultrasound machines and commercials like the Tebows’ are confronting the country with the undeniable humanity of each unborn child, just as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin put a human face on the 3 million slaves in America, thus hastening their liberation.

              From the abolitionist movement, to the child labor movement, to the civil
              rights movement, and to the pro-life movement, written and visual
              media are important components of American social justice causes. I’m
              sure pro-slavery forces didn’t like Stowe’s book either.

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