Gag, puke, gag.
pelosi, human shields, babies, abortion.jpg
Associated Press caption with this photo…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of CA takes part in a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, March 15, 2010, following a meeting with children’s advocates to discuss health care overhaul legislation.

HT and more on this at Michelle Malkin’s blog.
I’m just posting the photo to make you gag like me – so as to clear your throat to make your call to your rep, telling him/her to vote “NO” on Obamacare, followed by a fax, tweet, and email.
CNN reported this afternoon, “Conservative rallying cries spur phone call frenzy,” with “lines jam[med].”
I can’t find the piece now… and I just read it… that you can’t even get through to Stupak’s office right now. We need that to be the way it is for every rep.

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