Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Mommy Life unveils the “bureaucratic nightmare” (click to download the chart) of Obamacare and states, “We could have easily insured all the people with 1% of what this will cost us.”

  • Big Blue Wave posts a parody of a conversation between two politically correct, pro-choice pregnant females discussing their current fertility status.
  • Culture Campaign posts a NY Times article by Nicholas D. Kristof, who has high hopes that “for those in the middle, taking pills at home may seem a more natural process than a surgical abortion, and the result may be a tad more acceptance.”

  • Generations for Life wonders how a school could call a pro-life t-shirt (pictured left) inappropriate in CA, where itís legal for a 6th grader to have an abortion without her parentsí knowledge.
  • ProLifeBlogs showcases a report from Operation Rescue which states:
  • Two late-term abortionists who worked for [Tillerís] facility in KS… dumped their KS medical licenses, placing them outside the disciplinary jurisdiction of the KS State Board of Healing Arts.

    They continue to ply their trade at Curtis Boyd’s chop shop in NM.

  • At Women of Faith in Culture, Sarah Flashing delves into the sensitive subject of Christian women who enter into fertility issues with “pro-life intentions… only to suffer the pain of knowing… it led to some not-so-pro-life results.”
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