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  • Bryan Kemper points out that pro-abortion people like the blogger at Wonkette, who this week called Trig Palin “retarded” and “somewhat alive” (causing the blog to lose advertisers) actually believe what they’re saying, despite attempts to pass their crassness off as “humor.”

  • Pro Life Wisconsin picks up on a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article examining the fact that African Americans, which make up just over 6% of the WI population, have 24% of the state’s abortions and up to 3 times the rate of premature birth compared with Caucasians. The Sentinel neglected to explain that preterm delivery and past abortion are linked.
  • Wesley J. Smith completes the story of Baby Joseph Maraachli who is back in Canada after his US-performed tracheotomy enabled him to come home with his family for the duration of his terminal illness – no thanks to the “futile care” Canadian system which would have ensured his untimely death.
  • Stand for Life features the testimony of a woman who received birth control pills at a clinic, got pregnant despite the pills, and was counseled by the same clinic – who assured her the baby would be deformed – to have an abortion. When she tried to back out of the procedure they sedated her and went forward with it against her wishes. So much for “choice.”
  • ProWomanProLife promotes an upcoming benefit to support the pro-life missionaries and silenced students from Carleton University in Canada.
  • Real Choice chronicles the chilling 1993 abortion death of Lou Ann Herron.
  • John Smeaton writes about the powerful pro-abortion lobby (UNFPA, EU, Britain, and President Obama) at the United Nations, and its influence on the final document of the Commission on Population and Development, in which the term “reproductive health” is used synonymously with abortion. Several countries have objected to abortion being included in this category.
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